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How Busy Moms Make Exercise Happen Even With Kids At Home

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Is exercise on your list of goals for this year? Have you been trying to make exercise a regular part of your life but have been struggling with a way to make that happen? Maybe you are hit or miss with exercise but are looking for some tips to be consistent with it. If you’ve got kids, exercise only gets more complicated. Believe me, as a mom of nine, I know this is true! But, there are things you can do to make exercise happen even if you’re a busy mom whether you’re a working mom or a stay at h0me mom (I happen to be both since I’m a working at home stay at h0me mom). In order to have the energy needed to get through the day, it is crucial to take the time to exercise. It starts with having some exercise ideas for busy moms.

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The thing is, making the time and taking the time to exercise really does make me a better mom, and I’m guessing it does the same thing for you. For this reason, it’s worth putting some time and effort into making exercise happen on a regular basis, which means as close to on a daily basis as possible.

Personally, I shoot for five to six days a week.

And, the thing is, it doesn’t have to be a ton of time. Something is better than nothing, and many of the experts out there are considering 30 minutes a day to be a reasonable amount of time. I don’t know about you, but 30 minutes is fairly easy to find with a concentrated effort on finding it.

This is exactly what these tips will do for you!

Here are 10 simple tips you can use to make exercise happen even if you’re a busy mom.


exercise tips busy moms

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I will warn you, however, there is no easy cure and exercise takes motivation. I think exercise is one of those things that can easily fall victim to excuses, so if you find yourself struggling to make it happen, read through these 8 Common Excuses For Not Getting Regular Exercise. These might help get a few of the kinks out.

Ready to move forward?

Let’s cover these 10 tips to make exercise a regular part of your life!

1. Establish a consistent day and time for exercise

This doesn’t mean down to the minute and it doesn’t have to be every day, but establishing a consistent exercise day and time is getting your exercise plan off to a great start.

2. Write your exercise time down like an appointment

Put this planned day and time on your calendar, daily list, or wherever you keep track of the things you do.Writing your intentions down is the first step toward achieving them. Putting things in writing is a form of accountability that will serve you well when it comes to implementing an exercise routine in your life.

3. Share your exercise day/time with others

Tell those who may be affected by your exercising of your intention.

For instance, if you will be home from work later after stopping at the gym, your husband would need to know this if you are married. If you will be putting on a DVD four your kids while you squeeze in a 30 minute workout in a different room of the house, they need to know of this ahead of time.

exercise tips moms

4. Make your exercise schedule/routine simple & easy to follow

In other words, don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you are starting from square one, implementing an hour of exercise into your life seven days a week would be a rather lofty undertaking. In order to take on anything new, making it easily attainable from the beginning is important.

5. Find something to motivate yourself when you make time to exercise

What will make you want to abide by the exercise routine you’ve put in place? Would nice workout wear help? What about finding someone to do it with you? I often find new music to be a great motivator when I am feeling unmotivated to get my workout in.

6. Develop an incentive for making regular exercise part of your life

Like in so many things, an incentive can be the push we need to accomplish our goal. When starting out, an incentive that can be earned fairly quickly is a good idea. For example, an incentive after completing your first week could be a very good time frame to put in place – it’s more than just a day or two, but not so far off in the future that it seems unreachable. An incentive that you actually want to achieve can really help get things started.

exercise schedule busy moms

7. Find someone to be accountable to – whether they exercise or not

For tips on finding a good accountability partner read Choosing the Right Accountability Partner For You. Whenever we really want to be successful at something, an accountability partner can be a huge asset.

8. Start with a simple exercise plan

When deciding on what you will do, start small but not too small. There are so many great resources these days when it comes to deciding on a workout plan.

You can even get full workouts online in many cases. When it comes to choosing, choose something that is doable yet challenging enough. Something that is too easy causes boredom and in some cases, a lack of motivation.

9. Protect the time you have set aside for exercise

Resist the urge to neglect exercising because there are things that you decide are “more important.” Don’t let others treat your exercise time as inferior either. Just as you would protect the time you need to volunteer, work a side job, or meet a friend for coffee, you need to protect the time you have set aside for exercise in whatever way possible. Life happens, but for the most part you can protect this time.

10. Create an end exercise goal

Set your sights on something to work towards as a result of your exercising. Some people sign up for a 5k or commit to joining a team, but decide on a goal as an outcome to all of your hard work exercising. Choose a goal that is a challenge and that will require a commitment to your exercise routine on a consistent basis in order to achieve. When my race calendar is empty, I have a much harder time finding the motivation I need to get to the gym.

Exercise is beneficial for so many reasons, but finding a way to make it work can be a challenge at times. Don’t let excuses hold you back, and implement these 10 tips to get you on the way to success!


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  1. I joined Hello Mornings many years ago. Our goals each morning: God, Plan and Move. I have created the exercise habit. I found the time and ideas that work for me. My incentive is to buy a new workout outfit. Thanks for these tips.

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