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Do You Fill Your Own Tank? MYM Day Four

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Do you fill your own tank? You know, do you take the time to do the things that matter to you at times? As moms we have so many demands to meet and our time is so often not our own, but there is a limit to how much we can give to others before we simply must give to ourselves.

In my book and various places here I have spoken of not losing yourself while in the trenches of being a mom. Filling your tank is a big part of the solution if you are feeling overwhelmed, as though you lack fulfillment, or are battling depression.

The bottom line is this: we all work better, we all perform better, we all feel better when we know what we are doing these things for. We all like being rewarded for the things we do whether they are big rewards or small ones.

So, what’s your incentive?

fill your tank

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As part of our challenge in the Make Over Your Mornings course yesterday, we were supposed to think of something that we are always squeezing out of our life. Maybe it’s exercising, maybe it’s spending 20 minutes reading a good book, maybe it’s a couple of hours out with a girlfriend. Whatever it is that you are squeezing out of your life, that could be an amazing incentive for you. It could be that thing you long to do that could be your reward for getting through the daily grind.

Like Crystal, I love my quiet time in the morning. I love the quiet and calm of the house. I like being able to focus my time and attention on what it is that fills my soul without being interrupted by anyone else. Let’s face it, as moms we can hardly even use the bathroom without being interrupted!

But, maybe you are simply not a morning person. Maybe that quiet time in the evening is something that you enjoy (I actually enjoy my quiet time in the evening, too, even if my older kids are around. I really don’t mind sharing my quiet time with them…they do their thing, and I do mine).

Just as working hard for a reward motivates our kids, it really does motivate us, too. If we take the time to reward our kids for using the potty, eating a good meal, taking a good nap, or behaving in public in addition to numerous other things, surely we can come up with an incentive to help brighten our days.

Have you heard me speak of creating your pretty place? I talk about this in my book. This is a place that is your little haven from the rest of the world. Mine is up in my bedroom. For the most part this area is off limits to my kids, and I can fill it with pretty things that being me a sense of peace and calm.

Throughout the day, I have small pockets of time figured in when I go to my pretty place and just fill my tank for a few. I might read, listen to some calming or uplifting music, or even just shut my eyes for a few. But these pockets of calm, as I call them, are little incentives that I give myself to keep working hard in everything I do.

So, what’s your incentive? Take the time to really focus on simple things that you can do for yourself.

Does this idea interest you? Want to know more? This is the focus of day four in Crystal Paine’s course, Make Over Your Mornings. This course may be just what you’ve been looking for. Click on the banner below to find out more about it!

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