Do You Need a Do-Over?

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Are there times when you need a do over?

do over

Today has not started off well, in fact it kind of resembles a train wreck with carnage scattered here and there. Carnage of stuff thrown around in haste, carnage from hurts that have been inflicted from one to another, and carnage from an epic failure of being a mom who intentionally makes wise choices, especially when it comes to speaking to my children.

Just keeping it real this morning because I think if we were all more honest with one another we could be of strength, encouragement, and hope to one another so much more often – and who can’t use more of these things?

One thing that I have done right today, however, is I recognized where I was, anPsalm 4 verse 1d where everyone else was as a result, and I acted quickly to bring it to an end by doing one simple thing. I opened my Bible. I found a verse on calling to God in times of trial and I meditated on these words for a few minutes. Despite the sounds of WWIII that were going on all around me, I quieted my soul.  I inserted my name into these verses as I spoke of in Personally Claiming Bible Verses and I just read over and over them. Sometimes I read them quickly, sometimes I read them slowly, but I just read them and claimed them as mine.

Then, I prayed for God to quiet my soul and the souls of all my children, and I asked Him to be present here in our home. I asked him to bathe our words, thoughts, and actions in his abundant and never-changing and steadfast love and gentleness. The last thing I did was to ask forgiveness from my children for my words and actions, and I asked them to ask for forgiveness from one another, too.

Although I will never get my words or actions back (how often to I preach this to my kids?) the best thing about God is that He gives us grace not only for our own use, but also so that we can then extend this same grace to others. His grace is the closest thing we will ever get to a do-over. And that’s just what I needed today.

Do you need a do-over today?

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  1. Oooooo…I just copied this quote and will instantly put it up where I can see it every day–for days like today, when I thought I couldn’t go on another minute, and couldn’t even figure out what to ask the Lord for! Thank you so much!

    And thank You, Lord, from Whom all blessings flow!!

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