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Easy Quesadillas

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Looking for a quick and easy yet delicious meal? Quesadillas are a family favorite in our house, and they really come together in no time.

Something else that makes quesadillas so great is that they can vary depending on what ingredients you have on hand. In doing the freezer and pantry inventory over the weekend, I discovered that I have a lot of black beans and canned vegetables, and I also have plants that are giving me record numbers of green peppers right now.


One of the keys to feeding a family frugally is finding a way to combine random ingredients into a cohesive meal in new and creative ways.

Here’s how our quesadillas came together using the ingredients I had on hand.

For this recipe you will need:

  • flour tortillas
  • shredded or grilled chicken (which I pulled out of my freezer)
  • onions (I cooked them for about 5 minutes in a bit of olive oil)
  • red and green peppers (I added then to the onions for about 2 minutes)
  • black beans
  • canned corn
  • shredded cheese
  • tomatoes
  • cilantro
  • sour cream
  • taco sauce

Just like with a baked potato and salad bar, personal pizza bar, or even tacos, each person can make theirs just the way they like them. I have some kids who like everything, and I have some kids who only want the meat and the cheese, but these can be completely made to order, which also means no complaining!


I simply add whatever ingredients are wanted onto a tortilla that has been placed on my preheated griddle. I don’t even use any oil for cooking – just lay them right on there. Cover with a second tortilla on top and then cook on the first side until it gets a bit crispy. Then, flip and cook until the second side is crispy.

It really is as easy as that. Top with the taco sauce and sour cream as desired, and they are also beyond tasty with some guacamole.

Quick, easy, and tasty all rolled into one. What could be better?

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