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Five Things I Love This Week

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5 things i love this weekAnother week is in the books, and what a week it was. In case you missed it, you can read about my crazy week complete with a fire here.

I’ve been inspired by Crystal over on Money Saving Mom who has been posting about the things she has loved each week. I decided it was a good thing to start doing. Feel free to join in with the five things you’ve loved this past week in the comments on this post. It would be fun to laugh and smile with each other.

Friends. I have had some great talks with friends this week. I needed the listening ear of two separate friends and asked if we could get together. Both said they would love to talk and cleared a night right away. Friends. There really is nothing better.picjumbo.com_IMG_4563

GPS. Yes, this week, and actually a couple of weeks ago when I had to drive a couple of hours away for my adventure race, I was so thankful to know I could get where I was going without having any idea before I left. I could just get on the road and my GPS would get me there.IMG_3980_2

80s music. I was born in the 70s so I have a special place in my heart for 80s music. There really is nothing like driving alone in a car singing along with Pat Benatar at the top of your lungs. Sorry, but nothing will ever compare to 80s music.

My online Bible study. We have had a break for a couple of weeks, and prior to that I was struggling to keep up, but it was good to jump back in. I have never met these girls in person, but it is great to share over the Internet. I have a support system all over the country if I need it.daisies-676368_1280

Patience and problem solving skills. In all honesty, these qualities are not normally in the words I would use to describe myself, however, this week I have been forced to be patient, resourceful, and to problem solve. I figured a lot of things out on the computer, and these are not skills I possess naturally either. But I have needed to remain level headed and not panic while thinking and learning new things. Not bad for an old dog.


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