When all else FAILS…Laugh!

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when all else fails, laughSo often on social media it can seem like everyone’s got it all together. The glimpse you get into the lives of your family and friends can so often look like life is simply a bed of roses – for everyone else. Their kids obey, their spouse adores them, and they have all kinds of free time to do exactly what they want to do. Let’s not forget that all of “those people” can seem to afford whatever their heart desires, too, only adding more frustration into the day when you sit down to pay the bills and can’t seem to make the ends come together yet again.

Can you relate?

What do you do when your life seems to fall so short of the life that everyone else seems to have? What’s one to do when you feel as though you are surrounded in chaos, stress, and kids who manage to wear on your last nerve every day?


That’s right. Laugh at your life.

While I realize that so much more could have gone wrong in my life this week, let me just give you a good laugh as I give you a glimpse into my life. Here are seven things that prove that life is sometimes better than fiction.

  • My microwave died. Without warning, in the middle of making a quick dinner before heading out for swimming lessons, my microwave died. What did we do for dinner? We ate cereal. Yes, we did.
  • While sitting on my couch working, I noticed something happening in the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. Were those flames?? Certainly they could not be, I don’t have a gas stove with an open flame. I continued on for a moment…then I turned to look. Oh yes, those were flames, and they were shooting from my stove about a foot from my ceiling. I always wondered what a kitchen fire would be like. I no longer have to wonder.
  • For the past few weeks, every time I went into my kids’ bathroom I kept getting this overwhelming stench of poo. I washed all the towels and rugs (even though they were already clean) took out the trash that was virtually empty and washed the trash can, and I even washed the shower curtain liner. The poo stench remained. I am happy to say that I discovered what it was yesterday. It was a poopy diaper that my 3 year old who wears diapers at night stuffed into the cupboard way in the back behind all the cleaning products and extra mouthwash. Yep. There was the diaper, and the mess he smeared all over the inside of the cupboard, too. Sigh.
  • While running late this morning to an out of town parade I discovered that my tank was much more empty than I remembered it being. There was literally no time to stop for gas. We got off at the next exit and made our way to the gas station only to discover that the gas card that I thought was full was in fact…empty. Thank goodness I had cash, only because I never made it to the bank. At least something worked out for the better. Yep, we were even later than we would have been.
  • Did I mention that somewhere between our house and six hours North where we were for our weekend away last weekend we lost part of a marching band uniform? We had all the parts when we got in the car to come home, that must mean that it fell out of the car when we opened the door to use the bathroom at the rest stop. What are the chances of that happening, really?! Always resourceful, I gave my daughter a pair of my shoes that needed to be colored with a Sharpie to make them the right color. Oh yes, I did.
  • My kids all have their own computers for school since much of their schoolwork is done on the computer. We have purchased four computers in the past year. Again without warning, my son’s computer died yesterday. I haven’t found a solution to this problem yet, but I know it will not involve buying a new computer.

It really is crazy that all of these things happened in a matter of five days. These things are all greatly stressful, and although I was crazy close to tears by the time I was at the gas station with no way to pay for the gas (or so I thought), I stood right there and laughed. What else could I do?!

The next time you find yourself living a storyline that seems more ridiculous than even the most creative author could manufacture, just have a good laugh while knowing that you are not alone. Laugh at the hard places, laugh at the difficult people, laugh that you always seem to get the short end of the stick. Find solace in knowing that you’re not the only one to have a life that is better than fiction at times – even if it is just the two of us!

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