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14 Moving Tips to Keep You From Losing Your Mind!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I moved nine years ago, we thought we would never be moving again. And then, you know how it goes, life somehow doesn’t go according to plan, and now I find myself preparing for a move this summer. I learned so much about moving last time when I moved. Most of these I learned the hard way – as in these were things I didn’t do. However, this time around, I know that implementing these tips and tricks will make it SO much easier to get the job done.

In fact, these are moving tips that will keep you from losing your mind!

moving tips

1. When it comes to boxes, bigger doesn’t always mean better

We had several boxes that were on the larger side, and we came to regret it. Packing efficiently means filling in all the blank space, and it was really difficult to fill in all the space in enormous boxes. Things then shifted around too much and ended up breaking at times. Anything that broke during our move was packed in an overly large box.

2. Color code boxes according to room with stickers

It’s one thing to label each box by room, but it is even easier to have a different color sticker for each room and a corresponding key. moving tips

3. Label the contents in each box

A fairly decent list of what is in each box makes it much easier when it comes to unpacking. In reality, unpacking takes several days. With a list of what is in each box you can more easily decide which boxes to unpack and which ones to save until later.

4. Invest in a tape dispensing gun

I am super frugal so I tried to put this off for as long as possible. When I finally invested in a few of these tape dispensing guns, I could have kicked myself for waiting for so long.

5. Don’t pack anything empty

Everything should be filled. Think about things like pots and pans, luggage, and even decorative baskets and bins. There should be no such things as wasted space when it comes to packing.

6. Put a bright pink sticker on any box that is remotely fragile

Unpacking moving trucks is always just a chaotic time. There are often many hands on deck, and not everyone will take the time to read the word “Fragile” no matter how big you write it. A bright pink sticker will make the fragile message nearly impossible to miss.

7. Plastic grocery bags make great padding

This was something we discovered in a panic when we ran out of packing paper. They are quick and easy to use, and they also take less time to unwrap than traditional packing paper.

8. Be certain that you are only moving stuff you truly want

I packed so many things because I *might* want then at our new house. In almost every case, I didn’t want most things that fell into this category. If you question whether you want something, don’t bother moving it.

9. Keep packing boxes in every room as you pack

I like things neat and organized. In the beginning phases of our move, I tried to only bring boxes in as I needed them. As time went on, I discovered that if empty boxes are always available, they will almost always quickly get packed up whether by myself or others.

10. Don’t forget about your kids

When we moved, my kids were eight and under, but I discovered that they really are able to do a fairly decadent job of packing non-breakables. They can’t pack efficiently, but they can get a really good start on filling a box. Every pair of hands matter when it comes to a huge job like moving. So, put those kids’ hands to work!

11. Pack a few “essentials” in a separate box or boxes

This is a box that is filled with the things you will want or need right away. If nothing else gets unpacked, make sure you’ve got a few boxes and labeled as things you can use right away.

12. Plan way more time than you think you need to pack and move out

We planned for way more time than we needed to get out of our house by the deadline – or so we thought. In reality, we had one die hard couple who stayed with us until nearly daylight on the last night and we were still dumping unpacked things in our neighbor’s garage in order to get out on time. Take it from me, leave a much bigger cushion than you think you need.

13. Feed the people who are helping you move (even if they are being paid)

If you want more help, feed your help. People are much more likely to stay longer if they aren’t starving. And, make these arrangements ahead of time. Make sure you’ve got food, drinks, plates, napkins, silverware, and anything else you might need to feed your hungry workers. And, if they are being paid they deserve to be fed, too.

14. Take shortcuts where you can

As we prepare to move across the country, we plan to leave much of our furniture behind. We don’t love it, and much of it won’t last through a move anyway. We will most likely be renting a home for at least the first year until we figure out exactly where we will settle. For this reason, we have been looking into furniture rental during this transitional time. moving tips With the overwhelm of moving, I know I won’t be wanting to commit to what kind of furniture to buy. Since we also won’t really know where we will end up permanently right away, renting our furniture will create less stress since we can choose furniture to purchase when we are ready for it. The furniture we rent will be there when we need it and gone when we no longer need it.

To me, this is an awesome shortcut that keeps us from moving furniture pieces we know we won’t want and buys us time to recover from the chaos of a move while we also determine where we will be in the end. CORT Furniture Rental has amazing options and keeps a budget in mind, which is something this frugal gal needs. They offer so much more than furniture, too, as they also offer things to create a fully functioning kitchen, bedding, and more since you can rent by piece or by the room.

If you are planning a move, the option to rent furniture with CORT is something you really need to check out. moving tips Moving is a stressful time, but keeping these tips in mind and being aware of where you can take shortcuts along the way will help you move without feeling like you’re losing your mind.

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  1. This is a good article. I have had over 30 addresses in my life and this is spot on. You won’t believe how much easier it is when you are organized. Labeling the boxes by whats inside and what room to put them in, is the only way to go.

  2. I must admit, I should have read something like this a while back.. When we first moved to Chula Vista, CA, I hired a few movers that did a great job, very helpful and moved the heaviest types of furniture. What I forgot completely, was to feed the poor men! I was so occupied with moving the lighter stuff at the moment. This was a long distance move, I felt horrible!

    Leason learned :/

  3. I totally agree with you! When it comes to moving, it’s always a good idea to get a head start. It will certainly help the move go over more smoothly. Nice tips! Thanks for the advice!

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