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Intentional Mom Fail

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mom fail
How does that saying go?  One step forward and two steps back….or is it two steps forward and one step back?  Either way, I think it is the latter that is true for me in this case.

What case?

I wish I could say that the things I am about to share happened months ago, but it was within the past few weeks that I have heard these things said.

In my defense, life has been beyond crazy here the past month.  All the kids have gone from one virus to the next, and I even got sick, too, which rarely happens, so I have been living in a world of cleaning and sanitizing, and laundry.  Maybe it’s the bleach fumes?  Or, maybe it’s that old habits can die hard at times.  None of us are perfect despite our best efforts, and it is through making mistakes that growth begins to blossom.

Maybe in sharing these things, you may find a bit of yourself, too, and know that you are not alone.

In the past few weeks, these are some of the things I have heard…

  • “Mom, are you ever going to write me back in our mother/daughter journal?  It’s been like forever.”
  • “It’s ok, mom, I know you and dad don’t have time to buy me birthday presents.”
  • “It seems like all I ever hear you do is criticize the kids.”
  • “We haven’t done family devotions in three nights, when are we going to do that?”
  • “I haven’t had my alone time with you in a really long time.”
  • “You said you would help me with my music, but you haven’t yet.”
  • “Are we ever going to get to the store to get me baseball gloves?  Practice starts in two days!”
  • “I told you my shoes were too small several times over the past month, but you must have not been listening.”
  • “It’s time to leave for practice, did you forget?”
  • “You still haven’t helped me put the sheets back on my bed, I’m really cold at night.”
  • “Did you even hear what I just said?”
  • “Earth to mom!”

I have heard good things, too, but I am deeply saddened that I have heard these things at all.  Life can get the best of us, and it is so easy to get caught up in the everyday bustle of life, but these things prove how the things we say or do, or the things we don’t say or do, can pack quite the punch.

Although not easy to hear and although the truth can hurt at times, it is only in hearing the truth that we can begin moving closer toward where we want to be.  We can choose to wallow in our failures, or we can use our failures as stepping stones along our life’s journey. 

Even the mom fail moments can be gifts – gifts to get us back on the right track when we have lost our way.

Do you have mom fail moments?  Use them to learn, to grow, and to change from the things of the past and move forward, blazing a new trail toward the life you want to lead and toward the person you long to become.  We can do this together, we really can.

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