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As a mom I simply could not survive without baby wipes. I’ve got them in all my diaper bags, in my purse, in my car, and my kids also have them in the bags they bring to their classes and activities. Obviously we use them for much more than just diaper cleanups since we use them for hands, faces, the seat of the car when things get spilled, tables at restaurants, and on and on the list goes.

I usually make my own because I am very careful about what wipes have in them since I’m using them on my kids’ hands and faces as well. When I make them on my own I really just use water for this reason. While I like knowing that the things I use for my kids are safe a natural, I am also extremely busy and sometimes just need a convenient option.


Imagine my excitement when I discovered that there is a wipe available for purchase that contains 99.9% Irish water and .1% grapefruit seed extract! This makes my life a ton easier!


I am as frugal as they come, but being able to buy wipes that I feel comfortable using on my kids’ hands and faces is such a blessing during really busy seasons of life when I might not get around to making my own. Actually, my kids don’t even like having their faces wiped with wipes that have an overpowering smell to them as so many options do these days.

I was able to pick these wipes up at Walgreens, which is so convenient for me.


Can I just say, these wipes are amazing! Generally I don’t list off things I like about a product, but I truly, truly love these for so many reasons.

  • First, no smell, which tells me that they are safer and more natural than the artificial smelling wipes.
  • Second, they are thick with a cloth-like feel.
  • Third, they are soft like a cloth wipe.
  • Fourth, with as thick as they are, they get even the dirtiest of diapers cleaned with ease, and with two in diapers currently I can speak to this! Because you need less wipes to get the job done, this makes them a more frugal option, which I love! Furthermore, this proves that you don’t need chemicals to clean, which is something that I think as moms we kinda just know.
  • Fifth, my kids didn’t mind them and try to pull away when I was wiping their faces as they do when wipes have a strong smell.
  • Sixth, they are available at Walgreens, and we all know that I’m there at least twice a week. If I can’t get the things I frequently run out of, like wipes, up the street at Walgreens, I tend to not buy that product very often. You can find out more about them and which Walgreens in your area carries WaterWipes by following this link and using the store locator feature. You can also clip a $1 coupon there!


If you are looking for a natural, chemical free, and more healthy way of wiping up your kids in any way, you need to give these a try.

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