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Why Life Really Is Beautiful

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It was two years ago that I chose “intentional” as my word for the year. At the time my oldest was 13, and I felt the years quickly slipping away. I was so guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and letting so many things pass by under the radar.

Actually, I really had no idea where the 13 years had gone since I became a parent, and as my oldest is now knocking on the door of being 16, I am even more in awe at where the time has gone.

As I sat at the funeral for my 47 year old cousin yesterday, I was again struck at where the years have gone. I remembered times when my cousins and I were gathered around the tinsel Christmas tree at my grandparents’ house for Christmas, and I could feel those memories like they were just yesterday. I recalled at least one time that I stayed at my cousin’s house while my parents were on vacation when I was under five. I remember playing dolls with her, and I remember thinking that she was so cool since she was a whole five years older.

The years went by, and when I saw her as adults we talked running, we talked kids, and we talked about so many other things.

Where had the time gone?


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In addition to celebrating the life of my amazing cousin yesterday, I also had not one, but two toilets overflow at my house, and if that wasn’t enough, I also had my laundry detergent bin fall off the top of the washer and explode little pellets of laundry powder goodness all over the floor. There were sibling issues, kids’ complaining, and my six year old who really has no idea what quiet is, which was wearing on my last nerve yesterday.

Seeking the solitude of just one moment of peace amidst all this chaos, I went into my room, which was covered with plies of clean laundry, of course. As I started unpacking the piles of laundry I came across my Life is Beautiful shirt, and all my composure began to unravel.

Toilet water, laundry detergent, watching my family deal with unspeakable grief while trying to process my own, it all came to a head right then and there. All of the chaos of the day, it’s still beautiful isn’t it?

As long as we choose to see it.

As I sat staring at my shirt, the words from the funeral came rushing back to me. My cousin was an amazing woman who fought a courageous battle with cancer that was only 14 months long. It was a painful, never-ending, and just plain awful battle, but others shared how she tried to find the beauty in it. She choose to see the good that came even while she was living through what can only be described as torture much of the time.

If she could find beauty in that, who am I to not find beauty amidst all of the mess in my day?

I put on my shirt, walked downstairs, sat down in a chair on my deck, and just let the warmth of the sun wash over me.


Life truly is beautiful, and life is a gift. Life is a gift for you, and life is a gift for me.


Because we are here. We have been given today. And, tomorrow is not promised.

Life is beautiful because you, me, and everyone here…we are all living it.

Life is beautiful because we are living it.

My cousin would certainly have agreed that life is beautiful.

I love clothes and jewelry that remind me to be intentional. This shirt is one of my favorites for that reason.

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