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Mission Accomplished!

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weekly spring cleanin


I accomplished my spring cleaning project, only a few minor (or major) setbacks, which spread it out over two weeks instead of one, but I will consider this a good thing.

Do you remember my office before? IMG_3401


I know, yikes right? And what you can’t see is that the top of my storage unit was covered with a bunch of craft stuff that really doesn’t need to go there. We have craft shelves for all that kind of stuff in the basement. Why wasn’t it there in the first place? Don’t ask. I don’t have an answer.

But, the good news is, that this is what my office looks like now



IMG_3455 IMG_3457

I know, bright, cheery, organized, clean. I can actually work there again. It was a difficult week to complete a project, but I just tackled a little bit at a time, even if I only had five minutes and just did something. Even if you don’t think you will be able to complete a project that needs to be done, usually once you start you can find ways to get a little bit done here and there, which means eventually you will get it done. If you haven’t taken on a spring cleaning project yet, why don’t you join us here next week Monday when I reveal my next spring cleaning project. You can then pick one in your place, too. Want to know how to really get it done? Share what your project is in the comments. Usually, once you post your intentions in the comments you will feel obligated to get it done, if you are anything like me anyway.

Did you complete a spring cleaning project this week? Tell us about it!

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