Monday’s Walk in the Word 8/10

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walk in the wordI think Mondays often get a bad reputation. Although they can be kind of a drag since the week ahead can seem so long, I kind of like Mondays because it is a clean slate. A fresh start. It is true that Monday is the beginning of a new week, but this can also be an exciting concept. It truly is all in how you look at it.

The verse I chose today is simple and easy to memorize. I chose this one because it is such a great verse on which to anchor your week. Just as Mondays are the start of a week, simple and basic yet weighty verses like this one are a great place to start your week as well.

This verse speaks of rest and hope. Two of my very favorite things!

Today’s verse:

Psalm 62:5

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.

May you find this verse to be a great way to anchor the week for both yourself and for your children.

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