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25 Homemade Gifts For Mom

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I think as moms we can all agree that gifts of the homemade variety are so special. I love to give (and receive) homemade gifts because they really speak love to the person who is receiving the gift.

Many of the ideas I have listed here take time and effort on the part of the giver, and to me, this means so much more than anything monetary (can you tell my love language is quality time?).

mothers day gifts

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I have been lucky enough to receive some of these things from my husband or kids over the years for birthdays, mother’s day, or other special days, and they always make me smile. I feel as though someone was really thinking of me, and they intend to do it in the future, too. In this way, these are the gifts that keep on giving!

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If you missed my post of frugal gifts for mom, you can read that in 25 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love.

Here are 25 ideas for homemade gifts using very minimal money or resources, often using things you already have around the house.

  1. Make a spa night with a bubble bath, candles, music, and maybe even some wine and cheese to make it really fancy!
  2. Give her an in-home pedicure with a nice foot bath, foot scrub, lotion, and nail polish.
  3. A time of free babysitting. I often receive coupon books with several of these coupons in them. Sometimes I use them just to go sit in my car in a nearby parking lot to read a book in peace – an entire chapter even!
  4. Make her her favorite dinner – and do ALL the clean up!
  5. Create a bedroom oasis for her to enjoy. Make her bed cozy, add some linen spray like lavender, soft music, candlelight, and all the things she loves within reach like her book, computer, Bible etc. Then, give her time and privacy to enjoy her bedroom oasis! coffee-690349_1280
  6. Give her the afternoon or night off. Not necessarily to go anywhere, but just so she has to do nothing. This would mean that she is not the one planning meals or taking care of folding laundry that needs to be done. Handle ALL the responsibilities for that period of time.
  7. Give her a coupon or coupons for doing no dishes for an entire day – dirty or clean
  8. Give her the entire day off cleaning or picking things up – but someone else has to take over then!
  9. Detail the inside of her car for her. Clean it out, vacuum it, wash the windows, wipe down the dashboard, spray some nice smelling air freshener – the whole works!
  10. Wash the outside of her car
  11. Wax her car – I do my own waxing of my 12 passenger van. I dread it – this would be worth its weight in gold to me!
  12. Give her a long foot rub with lotion or oil
  13. Make the evening meal so she doesn’t have to – and handle the cleanup as well
  14. Give her a long back rub with lotion or oil
  15. Clean the kitchen really good for her including wiping down appliances and cupboards, wiping down tiles or backsplash, cleaning the grimy stove, all dishes, and shining up the sink.
  16. Clean the bathrooms for her – the way she does them!
  17. Give her breakfast in bed complete with flowers.
  18. Pick her wildflowers and make a bouquet for the table centerpiece. flower-667951_1280
  19. Make her a fancy coffee or fancy sweet treat at home.
  20. Plant a few pretty flowers for her.
  21. Arrange a phone call, Facetime, or Skype call with a family member or friend who lives far away.
  22. Allow her to take a nap – and make sure it is QUIET!
  23. Write a thorough and heartfelt thank you note for the things she does – be creative, not just the generic making meals and things.
  24. Make her a coupon book with any of these suggestions or come up with some of your own for her to cash in whenever she chooses.
  25. Have a movie night with popcorn and let HER pick!

Mother’s Day is a time to show the mother figures in your life how much you love them. There is nothing like a special gift, and the homemade ones really come from the heart.

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