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Overcome Your Overwhelm In Just Three Minutes a Day

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I’m not sure why, but I have been talking to so many people and even receiving emails from several people who are just feeling overwhelmed or even like a failure lately.

If this is you, I have something to say to you.

Just stop it.

Seriously, just stop it.

In most cases, I can say that I don’t think you’re being fair to yourself.

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So, now that you’ve stopped this, let’s talk about a few things you can do to downgrade that feeling of overwhelm that is haunting you right now.

Here’s how you can eliminate your overwhelm in just three minutes a day.

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Downgrade your to-do list

All the those things that you think you have to do and all the things that you think you need to do because someone else is doing them…it’s time to just throw some of them out. All those unrealistic expectations you put on yourself, it’s time to throw them out, too.

It’s time to take some of those to-do’s and make them to-don’ts!

Say yes to less

You heard it here. You can’t be all and do all all the time. Therefore, do your best to say yes to less when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Say no with less

When you are saying yes to less, give a short, simple, and gracious no. Avoid feeling like you need to give a longwinded explanation as to why you are saying no.

Most likely, that person doesn’t want to hear your longwinded no anymore than you want to stress about coming up with it. Just a short and sweet, “I’m sorry, I just don’t have any way to make that work right now,” will do.

Take some shortcuts when needed

Maybe you need to buy a product or subscription service that will take something off our list. Maybe you need to work on a project, but not nearly as thoroughly as you have been planning to.

Taking shortcuts isn’t a copout. It’s a way to get things done during busy seasons.

Get enough rest

This is where I have been focusing this week because I have been doing a really crappy job with it, quite frankly. I have been burning the candle at both ends for about the last month, largely because I had a trip to take.

The results haven’t been pretty. I have been irritable, and I am convinced that my lack of sleep was the culprit for me having to fight the same infection for four weeks straight.

When you feel more overwhelmed than you normally do, it is also very likely that you’re not getting enough sleep.

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I love what Valerie Bertinelli has to say about this concept:

“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”

This is so wise. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or unhappy really is a choice. This week, I challenge you to focus on not making that choice.

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