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Pantry Staples Every Kitchen Must Have

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As someone who feeds my family of 8 for $250 a month, knowing what pantry staples I should have on hand is very important. Pantry staples gives me the convenience of a quick meal without having to go through a drive-thru. Pantry staples are basically pantry essentials that you will always want to have on hand. Your list of pantry items to keep on hand might be different from mine. But, I’m sure they will have some similarities. There’s even a pantry staples pdf for you!

This list of pantry staples is also great if you camp!

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The best way to use the above list is to print it and keep it near your pantry. I tape mine to the inside of the door. Then, it makes it super easy to create your grocery list!

Are you someone who frequently loses power? Are you someone who camps?

I’ve even broken my list of pantry staples down into two different groups. These are meals that can be made with no gadgets or electricity and those that can’t.

We lose power frequently, so having these two different groups has proven to be essential for me!

PLUS, all of these staples help keep your budget in mind. Meaning, many are inexpensive pantry, too.

Here are the pantry staples on a budget you want to make sure you have in your home!



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Let’s talk about meals using pantry staples without electricity first

When we first moved into our house, we lost our power once every couple of months. It was ridiculous given that we live in a busy neighborhood that is nowhere near to “out there.” But nonetheless ,it was my reality.

For some, losing power can be a nice and welcome excuse for grabbing something from a fast food place or even going out to dinner. However, this is just not my reality. I need to be able to feed hungry troops at home without an appliance of any kind and limiting the times I need to open the refrigerator in order to keep it as cool as I can.

The grill is a life saver!

The grill can be an asset in times like these, but in the winter this is not feasible. If the weather is warm, however, don’t forget about this handy gadget. Your grill can help in a pinch so things like hot dogs and ready made pizza crusts can be great on the grill. The grill can also be used to boil water to make things like easy mac, instant potatoes, and ramen noodles.

If you camp, in most cases you probably have access to a grill. This makes my pantry list great for you if you camp as well. Download it HERE

But, you might not always have access to a grill either.


Pantry staples for no power and no grill:

  • soups: these can be made with just super hot tap water
  • sandwich fixings: either to be eaten on their own or paired with the soup above
  • salad fixings: we usually have these on hand anyway, but these are great to remember with no power
  • cereal: I have fed my kids cereal with no power and not felt bad about it – it is what it is

Pantry staples for quick meals in a pinch:

The next group of foods are things that I keep on hand nearly all the time for a quick meal. Let’s face it, life happens. Someone gets sick, someone stops by, or you end up having to drive someone somewhere. If your house is like mine, it could also be that someone ate some of the ingredients you needed for a dish.

I would guess I need one of these “meal ideas in a pinch” about every two weeks on average.

These meal ideas also help save you money.

Again, if you are living on a budget, you can’t be running out to grab food when something happens to throw a wrench in your dinner plans.

Freezer staples

  • frozen meals: homemade is ideal. But even store bought frozen meals when they are on sale and combined with coupons are still a better alternative than grabbing something last minute
  • frozen pizza: my price point on these is $2.50. This is more than I spend on a meal normally since we need at least 2. But it is cheaper than any type of fast food
  • grilled chicken: this one of my freezer staples. But, the list of things you can do with pre-grilled chicken is endless. It’s as simple as grilling some chicken, cutting it in chunks, and putting it in the freezer

Refrigerator staples

  • eggs: I am never out of eggs in my house. Sometimes they are planned in to the meal plan. Other times eggs are just my last minute go-to. Don’t forget that they can be used for things like french toast, too
  • cheese: cheese can be used in so many different ways
  • jelly: in a pinch, jelly on bread works
  • boxed macaroni and cheese: even though I need three boxes to feed my family, it is still quick and easy
  • tortillas: these can be used for things like tortilla pizza, bean and cheese burritos, or wraps

clean refrigerator

Pantry staples

  • tuna: we often eat it for lunch, but it can work for dinner, too
  • pancake mix: I am always a hero when I make pancakes for dinner. Seems kind of like a crime since they are so easy. I make my own
  • canned soup and grilled cheese ingredients: having these things on hand makes for a quick last minute dinner
  • refried beans: in a tortilla, these make a protein packed meal when you add some cheese

Having some basic things on hand to make a quick meal will save you both time and money. And in most cases, you’ll be feeding your family things you can feel good about.

Don’t forget to grab my extensive list of pantry staples below!

Pantry Staples Inventory List

Grab your free staples inventory list & some other cool stuff, too!

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