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Potty Training Made Simple – An Update

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potty trainingRemember when I wrote about potty training over here? I just wanted to give a quick update and some encouragement to those of you who may be frustrated with the whole process.

When I wrote of this initially, it was my son who had decided that he would like to be potty trained that weekend by asking to sit on the potty. So I went with it.

But as I stated before, he was only allowed two accidents. That happened within about 36 hours, so the diapers went back on, and other than a few offhanded remarks about needing to wear his underwear again sometime, it was just left alone. We also help his potty in the bathroom.

That was about five weeks ago.

Three mornings ago, my husband came home from work in the morning to find that this same young three year old had taken his diaper off and was sitting on his potty, patiently waiting having already gone to the bathroom.

I asked him if he wanted to wear underwear to which he said, “yes.” So the underwear went on. It has been three days now, and there has only been one accident – and that was only because he didn’t come inside from playing outside quick enough to make it to the potty on time. I put his diaper on at nap time, and he has even kept that dry thus far, getting up to go to the bathroom without a problem.

He gets asked a few times throughout the day if he has to use the potty and reminded not to wet in his underwear a couple of times, but he decides when he has to use the bathroom and just goes in and does his business. He doesn’t sit there for hours on end, and nothing is timed or scheduled, otherwise he wouldn’t really be “trained.”

All this to say, that it really can be done. But it is all about being patient and waiting for your child to be ready. It is all about the decision being the child’s, the child training him/herself, and just stepping away if the first attempt doesn’t go well.boy-676122_1280

This is now my fourth child to go through this whole potty training process, and it has never taken more than two attempts at getting it done in a matter of a day or two. My first two children were not nearly this easy because I didn’t use this approach. I spoke about that in detail over here.

If you are in the midst of potty training, don’t lose heart if it isn’t going well. It really can be done in a day or two by just being patient and relaxed about it.

If you have any questions my experience, let me know and I would be happy ot help! Either leave a comment or shoot me an email.

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