The Thirty Minute Speed Clean – From Chaos to Clean in 30!

Ever have those days like when the walls just seem to close in on you? These things seem to happen to me all the time, especially with a large family including kids who are home all day to add to the constant parade of clutter everywhere.

I find that when this happens to me, I am often surrounded by a chaotic mess, which in my home can happen in a matter of mere moments.

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Enter…The 30 Minute Speed Clean!

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The premise of this list divides your home into three main living areas 

Bedroom, which includes bathrooms, main areas, and kitchen. I find that if I can have at least my main living areas under control, life just gets so much better!

Of course with only 30 minutes this list will never come even close to covering everything

however, this is a guide for a speed clean that is designed to give you a quick guide map in jumping right in to stop that swirling feeling that I seem get when it looks like a tornado has come through – maybe you know that feeling I am talking about?

The quick math on this means that you would have 10 minutes in each area

Again, the key is in decluttering to make your surroundings less agitated for the moment. Of course the “stuffing” that you do now will have to be taken care of later in the day to avoid being overtaken by your stuffing tomorrow, but it is amazing what a decluttering and quick spit and shine will do for your spirits.

The key is just to keep moving

If you have kids, tell them ahead of time that they are not to interrupt you, and give them whatever they need to be entertained for that 30 minutes.

Bedroom Areas:

  • make all beds
  • pick up clutter in all bedrooms, tucking things into a storage container as mentioned when controlling clutter or even a laundry basket will do.  Set aside, out of sight, for later
  • in each bathroom, wipe down sinks and counters, wipe down mirrors – and shine up the fixtures, too

Main Living Areas:

  • clean up clutter, again using the basket method mentioned with gathering clutter or a laundry basket.  Tuck aside for later
  • straighten pillows and furniture


  • clear counters, again try the hiding clutter tip or stash all those things that collect on countertops and tables out of sight for dealing with later
  • wipe down counters and give them a quick shine using what is appropriate for whatever type of surface you have
  • quickly take care of any clean or dirty dishes
  • clean, sanitize, and shine up your sink and fixtures

Give this list a try. If you have older kids who can help, even better-you can go into a bit more detail. This is often part of my morning routine and my after school before dinner routine. The 30 minute speed clean can be just what you need to calm your chaos, too!

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  1. This is great! I love to set my timer and just get after the cleaning with focus. It’s amazing what can be done in such a short amount of time!!

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