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Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

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weekly spring cleaninThis week I am tacking two spring cleaning projects. They are both smaller, and I am just needing to get things in order since spring is quickly fading so I am doubling up. I have the boys’ room done, so it’s time for the girls.IMG_3478_2

The first area is my youngest daughter’s bedroom. This would include cleaning out under the bed and then picking up and organizing everything. Getting rid of all the cobwebs along the ceiling line, wiping down walls, closet doors, furniture, and door, and neatening up her closet. Finally, vacuuming all around the edges of her room along the baseboards where dust collects, vacuuming the entire room, and cleaning the carpet. We have already started in this picture, but we are only in the beginning phase.

The second area is my front closet. It is a disaster, primarily because we are still having weather that is cold enough for all the winter stuff and I am just done with winter. We started with all the winter weather wear in October this year and since IMG_3479it is now nearly May, I am over caring where all the stuff goes. Getting this closet organized again with just one hat and pair of mittens for each person out is my goal. The rest will be in storage until next winter.

Later in the week I will post pictures, maybe just of progress, maybe of completed work since it depends on how the week goes with the crazy busyness.

Do you have a spring cleaning project this week?

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