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The Trick You Need to Know to Buy Chicken on the Cheap!

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As someone who has a family of 10 to feed, I can say that I have had to come up with every strategy possible when it comes to making the budget work – including how I buy my chicken.

Smart grocery shopping is one of the keys to keeping the budget in check.

In fact, did you know that many families spend more on groceries than they do on anything else in their budget – housing included?

It’s crazy.

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One of the best ways to save money is to buy in bulk. And, what better way to do this on what is perhaps the biggest grocery expense – meat!

Today, let’s talk turkey chicken (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Here is the trick you need to know to buy chicken on the cheap!

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The absolute best way I have found to buy chicken is through Zaycon Fresh.

I have been buying chicken from there for more than five years, and you can, too.

I bet you even have family members and friends who are buying things, like chicken, ground turkey, ground beef, ham, bacon and even seafood from Zaycon Fresh.

They hold events all around the United States, which most likely means by you, too.

The chicken I bought this time around was just under $1.50 a pound, which is a price you will never be able to find in a store.

Check out Zaycon Fresh HERE (you don’t have to buy 80 pounds, either).

And, if you’re wondering what I could possibly do with 80 pounds of chicken, I’ll tell you.

When I can buy 80 pounds of chicken at an amazing price, I get super excited. It was just under $1.50 a pound, and it is super fresh with next to no waste. It is way better than any kind of chicken you can get in a grocery store or supermarket.

While 80 pounds may sound like a lot, it really isn’t when you are feeding as many people as I am.

I will admit, it can be a little overwhelming to deal with 80 pounds of chicken, but here is how I do it.

First, I grill some of it

Maybe about 8-10 breasts. Then, I cut it in chunks and throw it in 1 qt. freezer bags to throw on a salad or into recipes later. This is especially useful since I don’t happen to love grilling outside in the middle of winter.

Next, I will shred some

I cook a bunch in my crock pot and in my Instant Pot. Then I will shred it. Do you know my trick for shredding chicken? I’ll have to tell you about it later.

Some of that shredded chicken goes into a pan so I can add some salsa and seasonings for chicken tacos and chicken taco soup, and the other shredded chicken will just be left plain.

Then, these go into the freezer in 1 qt. freezer bags for easy meals later.

Cut it up

Next, I will pound some of it into cutlets (super frugal trick) and I will cut some into chicken finger sizes, and then these with all of the plain chicken breasts get wrapped and put into freezer bags.

Just wrap it up

Finally, the rest just gets trimmed up and wrapped individually. Then I can do whatever I want with it when I get it out of the freezer.

In the end, I probably end up processing about 30 pounds of it in the way I described above while 50 pounds is just left as plain chicken breasts.

This will all take me about two hours, but I will have what I need for the next 6-9 months!

And, even better, I will have all kinds of things ready for quick and easy recipes. It is so easy to throw the grilled chicken chunks into some pasta.

It is equally easy to throw some shredded chicken into some chicken soup.

When it comes to making every penny count, smart shopping is essential. This also includes having food ready to go and on hand to keep you out of the drive thru lane.

When it comes to getting chicken for your family, Zaycon Fresh is hands down the best value you will find anywhere.

Check them out HERE



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