Weekly Goals 9/29

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Do you practice the art of setting weekly goals? It has been so useful for me to do this and to do it every week! I have always been one to set goals, but previously it has been a bit more sporadic. I have found consistency to be the key to success.

I had an amazing week this week. I actually took more time off, and guess what, I got more done! Through various experiences, it became overwhelmingly clear to me that I was to pull back and take more time for myself, to make more time for what really matters, and to realize that in doing these things I would actually have more to give.

Of course I already knew these things, I think I had been just trying to prove that things were different for me. As it turns out, they are not.

I was also sure to incorporate REST into my day more than ever before, which again is so amazing since I got more done. All week on Periscope last week we were talking time management, and I think REST is the best tip I shared!

weekly goals

Here are my goals for the week:

Spiritual Goals:

  • stay current in Bible study
  • memorize 1 Bible verse this week

Wife Goals

  • date night
  • read 2 chapters in book

Mom Goals:

  • date night x2 more
  • bedtime stories 5 nights a week

Healthy Living Goals:

  • drink 100 ounces water
  • bed by 12:00

Homemaking Goals:

  • clean office
  • finish upstairs windows and blinds

Office Manager Goals:

  • pay bills
  • health insurance

Blogging Goals

  • complete edits on ebook
  • new chapter and reviews

All in all, it was a great week that deserves a B

Spiritual Goals:

  • stay current in study
  • Bible journal 5 days this week

Wife Goals:

  • date night
  • read 2 chapters in book

Mom Goals:

  • research coding class
  • date night x2

Healthy Living Goals:

  • 6 miles on the weekend
  • hills and sprints once a week

Homemaking Goals:

  • finish upstairs windows
  • finish all girls clothes

Office Manager Goals:

  • income/expense
  • pay bills

Blogging Goals:

  • complete edits
  • get ebook to Amazon


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