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It’s All About Perspective

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It’s really all about perspective, isn’t it?

Life. Everything that happens to us in life is all about perspective.


September 28th. Every time this date comes around I always remember. This day is always met with tears. It’s amazing how more than 16 years have passed, and I have never once met September 28th free of tears.

Today would be my son or daughter’s 16th birthday, at least if they’d arrived on their due date, had they not fallen asleep in my womb at 11 weeks. Even though my oldest is only 14, I always consider myself to have been a mother for more than 16 years. I became a mother from the moment I learned that we would be having our first child in September of 1999, or so I thought. You can read more about that experience in The Day I Became a Mom.

I will admit that the past few weeks have found me exhausted, maybe even completely depleted at times. I wrote a post called How to Be a Mom When You Don’t Like Your Kids because that is where I found myself when I wrote it.

My kids were fighting. My kids have been so demanding. My kids have been disobedient more than they have been obedient (at least it seems that way). My kids have pushed me beyond my limits. My kids have left me so weary in my role as a mom lately.

I am so ashamed to say that I haven’t even felt much like being a mom for these reasons.

And then I read a link that someone posted on Facebook. It was a Facebook post written by a mom who had just delivered her second child. However, what should have been a joyous time was a time that was met with great devastation as she discovered that at more than 40 weeks pregnant her baby, who was perfectly healthy the night before, was no longer alive.

How’s that for a little perspective?

The point of her writing was a plea to moms. A plea to moms to not take the poo, the nighttime feedings, the crying, and all the struggles of being a mom for granted. Through her heartfelt plea, she reminds us who are blessed enough to call ourselves moms whether through birth, adoption, fostering, or any other experience to savor our role as a mom. Rather than wallowing in being annoyed, being overwhelmed, being put off, or even being completely depleted as moms, whether justified or not, she was begging us as moms to see our roles as moms and to see our children as an incredible gift.

As heart-wrenching as it was to read her raw emotions within this Facebook post, it really was the very thing I needed to hear.

Perspective has a way of taking our selfish thoughts and putting a spotlight on the gifts that we most take for granted.

Like me, you may need to read that again in order to fully internalize that. But, internalizing that difficult truth is just what I needed, maybe you do, too.

How wrong had I been to see my kids as anything other than a precious gift? Especially because I have suffered a miscarriage not once, but twice?

Today, let’s embrace perspective. Let’s embrace our roles as moms. Let’s resist the urge to see our children as burdens, as interruptions, and as challenges to overcome while celebrating that our children are here.

Our children – our living, breathing, and even showing us their colorful side children. No matter what today brings, even if it is a challenge for you as it is for me, let’s say a prayer of thanks for our children and that WE are the ones who are called to love, nurture, and raise them.

perspective has a way

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