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10+ Beach Hacks & How to Leave the Sand At the Beach

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Is there anything better than spending the day at the beach? I’m not sure there is. I love summer, and I need the sand, the sun, and the sounds of the waves clapping on the shore almost as much as I need air. However, taking your family to the beach isn’t without a fair amount of struggles, and it is so easy to come home with pounds of sand as a souvenir.

If heading to the beach with your kids sounds like more bother than it’s worth, I can tell you that as a mom of eight, I’ve had to come up with some pretty awesome ways to make this easier. And, since my family has gone to the beach at least once a week for most of the summer, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to put these beach hacks to the test.

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So, does heading to the beach sound like a ton of work both before and after? Then these 10 beach hacks are just what you need…and you’ll be leaving the sand at the beach!

beach hacks

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Laundry hamper

Bring your sand toys to the beach in a collapsible laundry hamper like the one below. As you pack up to leave, put the whole hamper – toys and all – into the water for a quick bath. Voila! No sand! Then, just keep everything all together for the next trip to the beach.

Baby powder

Be sure to bring some baby powder along. It works really well for getting sand off dry skin. If you are unable to wash the sand off skin using a bucket as described below, regular baby powder can do the trick.

Baby tent

If you have little ones, having a tent for them to chill out in for a bit can be such a life saver. Not only does it give them a place to play that’s not in the sand, it provides shade and a quiet place for them to hang out in – or take a nap in.

The one we have is shown below. Just click on it for more details.

Sand bags

Bring some simple resealable plastic bags to use to weigh down your towels on a windy day. Even a slight breeze can make towels blow all over the place. Simply fill four bags with sand and place on the edge of your towels. Instant weights. Then, dump them out when you’re ready to leave and use them for the same thing next time.

Sand mat

A sand mat can be an awesome way to cut down on the amount of sand everyone gets exposed to. Placing a sand mat under your towels is especially helpful for keeping wet sand from sticking to towels. We love the ones below.

Fitted sheet

You may have heard this one before, but have you tried it? Using an old fitted sheet so that the side make a six inch barrier all around the sides creates a space that sand can’t even blow into. Just take the sheet and put something like your cooler in each corner.

Pack food smart

Over the years, I have learned that it is much easier to take the extra time to pack food in a way that makes it easier when eating on the beach. For me, this means reusable snack bags and snack containers. The ones below are awesome!

With the stacking container, each person gets their own. It makes it super easy for mealtimes at the beach.

Bring extra towels

However many towels you think you need, bring at least a few more. Bringing one towel for every person in my family just isn’t enough. For 10 of us, we bring 15 towels – and they all get used in some way every time.

Bring extra shirts/clothing

This is along the same lines of towels. Shirts get wet, they get caked with sand, and they get food spilled on them in some way. To not have extra clothing, especially little kids, is a huge oversight.

Diaper wipes

An empty diaper wipes container or package is an excellent place to hide valuables like your keys or your phone. Even cash. Most people don’t mess with anything diaper related.

Large laundry tub or bucket

I saved the best for last. Bring a large laundry tub or bucket to use at the end of your trip. Fill it with water, and use it to rinse off everyone’s feet before you get in the car. This has been a huge sand saver in our life this summer, and as we all sit there rinsing off our feet, we usually end up drawing quite a crowd. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who think this is a good idea. Try it!

The next time you head to the beach, try out these tips. And, enjoy coming home without all the sand!


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