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So, You’ve Set Some Goals, Now What?! MYM Day Six

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So you’ve set some goals, now what?

Goals are easy to set, really they are, it’s the follow-thru that is really where the rubber meets the road.

I think a lot of us set goals, especially as the calendar turns to welcome in a new year, but some of us, myself included, may not always be so great at the follow through.

set goals

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Yesterday, I spoke of goals being the bridge that takes us from where we currently are to where we want to go and the action points that take us from who we currently are to who we aspire to be. So today, this is what it’s all about.

Goals…and accomplishing them.

I’ve got ten steps to follow that can take you from the “setting goals” stage to the “let’s actually get them done” stage. These are the action steps that will take you from here to there.

1. Be realistic

Goals must be realistic and attainable, but the bite-sized pieces that we break them down into must be also.

2. Break them down monthly and then weekly

Goals can so often seem huge, but when we take them and break them down in this way, they automatically become more managable. I am also a list maker. When I have them broken down into weekly goals, they can get added to my list, which means they can get done!

3. Find an accountability partner

Have you noticed how I post my weekly goals here every Tuesday morning? I have done this for months, and I find it to be so effective in making sure that I do my best to get them done. Not only are they written down and placed before my readers, but I also have to be accountable to my readers on how I did with the goals from the week prior. I cannot tell you how many times I have been tempted to look the other way on a goal that I have set – only to complete it simply because I have to let you all in on what I did and didn’t do!

4. Put your written out goals someplace specific

I often put mine on sticky notes on the inside of kitchen cupboard doors, on the inside of my closet so I see them every day when I get dressed, and even on my car dashboard. The idea is to put them in specific places where you know you can find them.

5. Put your goals someplace visual

These places I mentioned are very visual to me. I see them all numerous times a day. The inside of my planner/calendar is another place that I put my goals along with Bible verses that are important to me. Putting your goals in front of your face is a good way to get them done!

6. Acknowledge your goals every day

Embrace them every day. Own them every day. Setting a goal is a very passive activity. Taking ownership of your goals changes them into something that is very active. You are then working on living out the action steps toward completing your goals on a daily basis.

7. Review your goals periodically

Make sure that you haven’t gotten off track. Make sure that these goals are still congruent with the season of life that you are in, and see to it that they are still goals that you want to achieve.

8. Celebrate your successes along the way

Don’t we all do better when we are praised for what we do? We are so quick to praise our kids for a job well done, but do we take the time to praise ourselves? Not in a prideful way, but in a way that celebrates the hard work and effort that we’ve put forth!

9. Make adjustments as needed

Often when we set a goal that is a year or so into the future, and it can be hard to know where life will take us as we make our way through. Don’t be so consumed by the goal that you throw reason to the wayside. Make sure that you make adjustments to account for life’s little (or big) hiccups!

10. Create new goals

As you complete a goal that is in one of your areas of responsibility, create a new one. Learning, growing, and changing is what gives us the passion to keep going each day. When you accomplish a goal, repeat the process in creating a new one. Keep moving towards being the best you that you can be!

Breaking our goals down into bite-sized pieces is the action plan that makes these goals come to fruition. It is never enough just to set goals, we have to create the action plan to help accomplish them, too. These 10 steps will get you on the path to becoming who you want to be.

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