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20 Amazing Tips For Surviving Pregnancy (from a mom of 8!)

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From the moment you suspect that you are pregnant, life can be exciting, exhilarating, and scary all rolled into one.

Because each woman, each pregnancy, and each experience is unique, I cannot begin to cover everything you may experience, but as someone who has been pregnant eight times now, I have learned a thing or two.

Here are 20 amazing tips for surviving pregnancy.

surviving pregnancy

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1. When it comes to taking a pregnancy test, first morning urine is always best

2. There are advantages to telling others the big news right away just as their are advantages to waiting

It can be fun to have the news be known only to you and daddy for awhile. It is also a lot of fun to have others be excited along with you, and the secret can be hard to keep.

Some see an advantage to waiting until you are past the first trimester since miscarriage most commonly occurs then. After having had two miscarriages, I can say that the support of family and friends is important during this difficult time. Therefore, I haven’t ever kept a pregnancy a secret based only on this reason since then.

3. Nausea can be a real problem, but it pays to be proactive

Never letting your stomach be empty, keeping some crackers by your bed to munch on before even getting out of bed, and eating smaller meals more frequently can help. I find the nausea can happen at any time of the day or night, but it has also helped me to just keep working through it, keeping as busy as possible. Treatment is available for severe cases.

4. Exhaustion can also be a problem in the beginning

Your hormones are raging, which is at the heart of the exhaustion. Finding a balance between just keeping moving and finding ample time to rest is key. If you nap, keep them short, and make sure that you are doing everything you can to get a good night’s rest and get the right amount of sleep.

5. Pregnancy is not a time to start running marathons, but if you are used to exercising – keep it up as long as it is ok with your doctor

Most doctors will encourage you to keep right on exercising, just paying attention to your body’s signals. Some doctors recommend staying below a particular heart rate, so ask your doctor this right away.

6. Schedule your first appointment early on, but your doctor may not want to see you for a while

Each doctor is different, so calling in early while also being prepared for a bit of a wait is a good thing.

7. Don’t wait too long to get comfortable

There is no reason to keep squeezing yourself into your regular clothes. Your body is changing – just go with it. Wear what makes you comfortable first and foremost.

8. Plan on visiting the bathroom – a lot!

In the beginning it is the hormones, and in the end it is because the baby is resting and pressing on your bladder. Just be prepared to visit the bathroom frequently.

9. Don’t forget to hydrate

Hydration is so good for everyone, but especially for pregnant women. Becoming dehydrated can even cause you to experience preterm labor. Get a cup or water bottle that makes keeping track of your fluid intake easier, and some find it helpful to hydrate at certain times of the day to make it more routine

10. Sign up for quality childbirth education classes early

I taught childbirth education for years and let me tell you, there are classes and there is an education when it comes to learning about labor and delivery. One of the challenges of labor is feeling as though you are out of control, and this where knowledge is power. The more you know, the more comfortable you are with the process, and the more coping techniques you have, the better off you will be.

Ask friends who have had an amazing childbirth experience. More times than not, quality education won’t be found in a set of hospital classes.

11. Make the experience fun for older siblings by involving them

A new baby can be scary and overwhelming for kids, but the key is to involve them and make it fun. There are so many cool videos you can watch these days of how babies develop. This can be a great resource as can books about babies and becoming an older sibling. Be sure to read about how you can prepare an older sibling for a new baby.

12. As you get further along, rest as needed

Feeling tired is something that you don’t want to ignore during pregnancy. Life makes us busy, but paying more attention to your body during this time is important.

13. Create a registry with someone who has had a baby

There are things you need, and then there are things you don’t need. I will share a list of these kinds of things later, but for now, plan of building a registry with someone who knows – and whose opinion you trust

14. Create a birth plan

I prefer to call this a birth strategy since planning for birth is a flawed thought, but read my post on creating one since it is the most comprehensive tool you will find in doing so. This is exactly what I gave to the expectant mothers in my class for years, and it is also what I used to create my own.

15. Start planning for after baby well ahead of time

There is one piece of advice that every expectant mother needs to hear. That is a great place to start. In addition, stock your freezer, complete projects that you can complete ahead of time, and seek out any help you may need.

16. Be ready for baby a good month ahead of time

In all reality, you never really know. Babies have their own time schedule, and so do our bodies at times. Pack your hospital bag, get the necessary items like diapers on hand, and have a plan for the care of older children well ahead of time.

17. Spend some time on you

The truth is, you won’t have time to focus on you for a while. While you are still pregnant, do a few things that you’ve always wanted to do or that are important to you. Your life is about to drastically change. Take advantage this phase of your life because it won’t ever be the same.

18. Take a hospital tour

Being familiar with where you have to go and seeing how it all looks ahead of time greatly reduces the amount of anxiety you feel on the big day. Set up a hospital tour early, and make sure that you actually take the tour at least a month ahead of time – again in case baby comes early.

19. Relax

Pregnancy, labor, delivery, and being a new mom or a mom to more than one child are all things that can make us very anxious. Focus on relaxing, remaining calm, and getting prepared one day at a time.

20. Savor

Savor these moments. Pregnancy, labor and delivery, and adjusting a new baby are all among some of the most precious moments you will experience. Even if you are miserable, there are moments to savor in anticipation of this life changing experience. Make sure to enjoy this time along the way.

Pregnancy is such a special, unique, and even challenging experience at times. Visit these survival tips, and do it often, or share them with the expectant or new moms you know to enhance the pregnancy, birth, and baby-moon experiences.

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