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10 Things You Can Do to Get More Rest – And It Has Everything to Do With Getting to Bed Earlier

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While I have written some helpful tips about becoming an earlier riser, at least before your kids get up, do you realize that your success in getting up in the morning is greatly dependent on what happens the night before?

Having an evening routine is essential in my life since it gives way to a more efficient and purposeful morning, but even more than that, an evening routine allows me to focus on getting to bed earlier.

I will admit that getting to bed at a decent time has not always been very important to me, but it is something that I have been learning is of the utmost importance as I have been making this a priority in my own life.

It is not something that I have completely mastered as of yet, but I can see a direct correlation between creating an effective bedtime routine, including getting to bed earlier, and getting up early and taking ownership of my morning.

With this in mind, I have come up with some tips that have greatly helped me work towards getting to bed earlier. Perhaps you will find them helpful as well.

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1. Develop an appropriate bedtime that aligns with the waking time you determined you need for an effective morning routine

After knowing what time you need to get up in the morning, you will be able to use that time along with the amount of sleep your body requires to run optimally to determine the correct bedtime for you. Just as we are all unique, our bedtimes and evening routines will be unique, however, it is essential to develop an effective bedtime for you.

2. Create an efficient and effective evening routine

What is it that you would like to accomplish in the evening? Be sure that you include at least one thing that you would like to do in addition to all the things you must get done. Be mindful of what you can do at night to make your mornings run more smoothly.

3. Put that plan in writing

I realize that I am a bit of a broken record when it comes to saying to put things in writing, but this is such an effective tool to helping make things get done. Things that are in our head tend to stay in our head, and putting things in writing helps foster a sense of accountability as well.

4. Put your bedtime on the calendar

When you put something on the calendar, you are in essence elevating that thing to a higher level of importance. I started doing this with my bedtime, and it has made such a difference. Even just writing it in a general place isn’t as effective as actually writing it on my calendar every day. It is right there, and it is harder for me to make excuses for not following that through.

5. Tell someone you live with about your bedtime and the basics of your evening routine

Whether it is your husband, your kids, or someone else, by informing them of your plans you have put introduced a bit more accountability into the picture. My husband actually helps me stay on track for getting to bed on time if he notices that I am getting rather close to going over on my awake time. Being accountable to someone else is an effective tip.

6. Stop using electronics two hours before bedtime

This is what is recommended by those who know much more about this subject than I do, but I would have to say that through personal experience I wholeheartedly agree with them. Avoiding the stimulation that electronics like television, games, and even the internet provide is very helpful to being able to fall asleep when it is time to fall asleep. When I don’t heed this advice, I see a direct correlation to my ability to be able to fall asleep.

7. Treat yourself

Treat yourself as in have a bedtime treat. Our kids love bedtime treats, and we can, too. What would be a treat for you? A bowl of ice cream, a cookie, some tea, or even a glass of wine? Having a bedtime treat to look forward to helps motivate us to want to stick with the evening routine we develop.

8. Have an inviting bedroom environment

Having a bedroom and a bed that you actually want to get to is very helpful in getting to bed. Inviting doesn’t have to mean expensive, either. You can have things like a scented candle, soft lighting, and something else that you find pretty such as some flowers or a meaningful picture.

9. Invest in comfy bedding

Comfy bedding doesn’t have to be an investment, however, as you can find some amazing bedding at great prices if you keep your eyes open. It was about three years ago that I upgraded to fleece sheets from flannel sheets in the winter, and they are amazing! They do make it harder to get out of bed in the morning, but they are so nice to climb into at night!

10. Plan your evening logically

Schedule or plan your evening in a way that makes sense. Tackle the more difficult things or the things that require more energy earlier in the night since if you are anything like me, your energy level fizzles out. Save the more mindless things for later. For me this would include things like folding laundry since I can do this mindlessly while watching the news and it also requires minimal energy.

Establishing an evening routine that works and includes enough time for rest is an essential part of having good days and efficient mornings. Being mindful of these 10 things is a great place to start.

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