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The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

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What an exciting week here! We’ve had thousands of new readers, so I wanted to personally say thank you to all of you who are telling your family and friends to come visit here. It’s been great to have everyone!

I also wanted to personally welcome all of the new readers. It’s great to have you here! Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, filled with additional tips and accountings, as well as a free preview of my new Ebook that comes out later this month, A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom: 15 Days of Hope From The Intentional Mom, by clicking on the blue book cover in the upper left area of the page.

Every Sunday as I sift through what people are reading most, it is always fun to see how there is always such a variety. This week was no exception.

Here are the five most popular posts this week:

tidy home
10 Secrets to Keeping a Tidy Home


How to Balance Homemaking and Homeschooling Part Three

(the interesting thing about this one is that even if you don’t homeschool, it’s full of information on running an efficient home!)

manners for boys

20 Basic Manners All Boys Should Know

(if you’re here reading this post in reference to the good manners belt loop pin for Cub Scouts, welcome! My oldest son completed this belt loop as a Cub Scout as well!

menu planning

Why I Heart Menu Planning – LWSZ Day Three


When Pursuing Perfection Becomes Procrastination

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