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Creating a Medicine Cabinet That is Clutter Free

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In my home, I don’t have a medicine cabinet, rather, I have a medicine closet. My medicine cabinet items are on a shelf in the linen closet in my bathroom.

The way I keep my medicine cabinet has changed over the years as my kids have gotten older and to the point of being a bit independent in getting the things they need from it.

I’ll share the way mine works because I have finally figured out a system that I am happy with and that allows others to use it without making a mess in the process.

These are my tips for having a medicine cabinet that is clutter free

medicine cabinet

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Put like things together in their own container

For instance, all of my cough drops are taken out of the bag or box and put into a drawer in these 3 drawer containers.

Antacids are taken out of the package and put into another drawer of this storage drawer container and so are other things like boxes of medication that fit, all organized into the separate drawers.

Label the containers you use

Then each drawer is LABELED!!! This is my favorite labeler

With labeled drawers, both adults and kids can find what they need fairly easily.

Organize things in the way that makes the most sense

Things like cough syrups are corralled into a size appropriate container like this one. Sometimes it is a matter of figuring out how you will group like items, assess how many you have, then choose a storage solution that fits them best.

Break down things into smaller groups as much as possible

One of the most important things I keep in my medicine cabinet is bandages. I use another 3 drawer unit for this. One drawer contains smaller bandages, one holds larger bandages, and one holds waterproof bandages. Again, each drawer is labeled.

I also have an additional 3 drawer unit for larger bandaging supplies like gauze pads, tape, and ace bandages.

My final 3 drawer storage unit is for things like muscle relief cream, poison ivy lotion, antibiotic ointment, and things like that.

I have a storage bin for pain relievers, and it is labeled as such.

Separate kids and adult medicine

This means that I have a bin for kids pain relievers and adult pain relievers and so on.

In general, the idea behind having a well organized medicine cabinet is grouping like things together, breaking them down into smaller categories as much as possible, and then labeling them.

The reason for being this detailed in how you organize these things is to make these things easy to find, but more importantly, to make them easier to put away.

Using the tips I have suggested means that it will take some time and even a few dollars initially, but in the end I think you will find, as I have, that your supplies take up less space, are quicker to find, and easy enough for everyone to put away.

This post is based on a chapter in Ruth Soukup’s book, 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life. Grab a copy and join in as we work through it together, or, grab a copy and work through it at your own pace in your own time.

Either way, you will have a clutter free life by the time you work through all 31 days!

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