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Are You a Dreamer or a Doer? Inspirational Reads Chapter 3

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How does that saying go? The one about drastic times calling for drastic measures? This is what I was so reminded of as I read through chapter 3 of Breaking Busy.

I love how Alli shared the personal story of their family’s struggle when they lost everything. Not because I enjoy reading about how others have struggled, but because I loved reading about how their desperate situation left her looking for a desperate solution.

I’ve been there, have you?

I think for me, it can take a desperate need for me to take a step that I’ve been too afraid to take prior to that event. Maybe it’s doubt that prevented me, maybe it’s fear of failing, or maybe it’s just the overwhelmed feeling I get about taking the step that keeps my feet stuck in the sand.

However, when my feet are to the fire, I refuse to sit and burn. I take the leap, I take the jump, and I run as fast as I can toward the calling I’ve been too afraid to embrace.

To answer the question about being a dreamer or a doer, I think I’m both. I think in many cases, being a dreamer gives way to being a doer. Is this true for you? Or, like many others, do you get stuck in being a dreamer unsure of how to be a doer? If so, no worries. I think we have all been that way and even still can get stuck in being a dreamer rather than a doer at times.

Are you looking to be a doer? Maybe these five things will help

dreamer or doer

1. Take one step

That’s it. Just one. So often thinking of everything that we need to do to get somewhere can be entirely overwhelming, which leaves us not moving forward at all. Just take one step…that’s it.

2. Focus forward

Keep looking forward. Looking to the past can be an invaluable tool in learning from past mistakes, but as it pertains to our objective here, keep looking forward to avoid getting tripped up by the past. If you are stuck in “dreamer land,” it is often because you are getting tripped up by something from your past.

3. See fear as opportunity

Fear is also something that can keep us from being a doer, however, if we can see fear as an opportunity in our mind, it can propel us foreword rather than keeping us stuck in the moment.

4. View failure are growth

We all fail. Yes, we all fail at times. But, knowing that when failure comes you have an opportunity to grow in some way inspires both you and me to “just do it.”

5. Make room in your life for being a doer

There are only so many things one person can do, and there are only so many hours in a day. Most of us have to operate in a give and take system, meaning, taking on one thing means lettering go of another. Sometimes that thing we need to let go of can just be something psychological. But, letting go of something that either occupies your time or space in your brain will allow you to move from being a dreamer to becoming a doer.

This post is reflection of the book we are reading as a book club community. This is the book we are reading.

Breaking Busy

Here is a bit more about our book club…

inspirational reads

This book club is a way of encouraging others to carve out the time to read at a pace of just two chapters a week because I’ve learned that finding time to read never just happens on its own.

Generally, every Monday and Thursday there will be blog posts here with Monday’s Inspirational Reads somewhere in the title with my reaction to each of the two chapters for the week.

All you have to do is grab your book above, and you’re good to go! We’d love to have you join it, otherwise, grab your own copy and read any of the posts with Monday’s Inspirational Reads in the title and you can join in on your own time!


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