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Why You Want to Dress to Impress

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First of all, dressing to impress is a relative concept. Your dressed to impress might look totally different from mine, however, whether you are an executive, a teacher, a housewife or something in between, we all can figure out what dressed to impress would look like in our world.

Before you think I’m being crazy and feel overwhelmed at just one more thing that you need to do, hear me out. Dressing to impress really all that bad. I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t be comfortable or wear things that you enjoy wearing. In fact, I would go so far as to say that you should be wearing things that you enjoy wearing.

However, dressing to impress should also take into account other things that incorporate these five concepts of why you want to dress to impress.

dress to impress

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You easily become the part that you are dressed for

While dressing a certain way is no guarantee of a specific result, the inverse is greatly true: it is hard to rise to a part for which you aren’t dressed. You wouldn’t expect to go into a job interview dressed in yoga pants, would you? I’m guessing in most cases you would say that you would not. In this way, dress for what and who you are trying to become while also taking practicality into account, of course.

People will take you more seriously

If you haven’t heard of this as it relates to my kids, you will now. I actually conducted an experiment as a stay at home, homeschooling mom. The results were astounding as my kids responded quite differently as it related to the way I was dressed. They were also more included to not respond if I didn’t look like someone who worthy of responding to. In my experiment this didn’t mean that I needed to dress up necessarily, but there was a drastic difference between how my kids responded to me when I had taken a few moments to care for my physical appearance.

Simply put, when I am dressed, wearing a bit of makeup, and have done at least something with my hair, my kids know that I mean business when I say something…at least more than they do otherwise.

You will take yourself more seriously

Just as it is important for others to take you seriously, it is also important for you to take yourself seriously. I think this can be accomplished in a rather personal way. For me this is perfume or body spray, a bit of makeup, chapstick, and nail polish. These are important ingredients for me to take myself seriously. Clothes to play a role, but these things are even more important for me when to comes to being dressed to impress.

You will be more productive

I think this one is pretty easy to agree with. If we are wearing loungewear all the time,  we are most likely to be lounging around more than we would if we were not wearing loungewear as the primary component in our wardrobe. Of course the time after work and on the weekend is a bit different 🙂 Yet, being dressed to impress will give way to a higher likilehoood that will be more productive.

You will feel good about yourself

This is another one of the things that I think you can prove to yourself pretty easily. Your mood tends to reflect the way you look. It is really hard to feel depressed or lazy when you are wearing business attire with all your hair and makeup done, for instance.

Dressing to impress doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Just spend some time assessing how you currently dress most days and them choose a few things to change as it pertains to being dressed to impress.

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