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A Frugal Gal Stocks Up on Ground Beef

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frugal gal stocks up on ground beefJust as it was chicken day awhile back, today was ground beef day. Beef has gotten so expensive, so in reality, it has been forever since we have even had ground beef in the house.

Ground beef is one of the most versatile things, and it is a favorite in my family in whatever form I make it.

Just like with chicken, I like to process it in different ways to save time for later.

I had 40 pounds total this time, so this is what I did with it:

I browned about 8 pounds. With some of it I left it as is, some of it I added taco seasoning to, and some of it I threw into spaghetti sauce. So, if there are things like this that your family likes, make it ahead of time. Just cook it while you are dealing with the rest of it. It’s all about being efficient. I put each thing in a quart sized ziplock bag, let cool, and then put in the freezer as is.

I divided it up into about 1.5 pound packages. This is the amount that I use for nearly everything I make. Most recipes as well as things like tacos and hamburger patties for my family require this amount. Now it is all set to go just as I need it. Wrap each portion, whatever pound you desire, in saran wrap and place in freezer safe gallon ziplock bag.IMG_3704

I also made some patties for freezing. Just layer them with waxed paper in between, and then freeze them bundled in the amount that your family needs for a meal. For me this is 5, so I have 5 patties with waxed paper in between, and then wrapped in saran wrap together. That way I only need to grab one packet of 5 to thaw for a meal. Place each packet in a freezer safe gallon bag.IMG_3701IMG_3702

Being able to stock up on meat is one of the reasons I cite a deep freezer as one of my 50 smart tips that savers know. This really pays off big when you can put some prep work in on the front end to make meals a breeze later on.IMG_3705

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    1. I don’t buy it from any one store specifically. It just depends on where the really good sale is 🙂

  1. It must have been the day for it. Ground Beef was on sale here too today. I made mexican lasagna, sloppy joes, meatballs, chili, mini meatloafs just to name a few. It is always nice to go to the freezer and just pull something out. Plus it does save you a bundle to shop on sale for sure.

  2. I became friends with my butcher and every time brisket goes on sale below 1.50 a pound, he will grind it up for me. Brisket usually goes on sale on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.

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