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5 Different Methods For Attacking Clutter

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Clutter. It can overtake my home in a heartbeat it seems. Can you relate? Sometimes clutter is random while other times clutter is because something is going on that requires clutter. For instance, I am currently in the midst of switching clothes out from one season to another. With a family of my size, this is a HUGE undertaking and causes an ENORMOUS mess!

I have come to discover that I don’t always deal with the clutter in the same way, rather, it varies. Sometimes it varies on my mood, sometimes it varies based on the amount of “busyness” I have going on in my life, and sometimes it varies based on what makes the most logical sense.

As I have been focusing on clutter the past couple of months, I have discovered that I use five primary methods when it comes to dealing with clutter. Maybe a few of these will be new to you and just what you’ve been looking for.

Here are my 5 methods for attacking clutter.


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1. Use time blocks

I love time blocks. A time block is nothing more than a predetermined amount of time with a planned start and end time. I work in 10 minute time blocks with my 30 minute speed clean, and I work in time blocks so many other times as well. When using time blocks you work as hard as you can for that amount of time and then when your time is up, you walk away. I often use a timer for this.

2. Choose a part of the project

In this instance I might decide that I am going to attack my office desk. My entire office could be a disaster, but when I am choosing just a part of the project of dealing with the clutter in my office I could choose to deal with just the desk. Then when the desk is done, I walk away until I have time to put into decluttering something different in my office again.

3. Use a timer for a small amount of time every time you walk into the area

This is actually the method I use most often. I’ll give you an example here rather than a verbal explanation.

When switching my kids’ clothes from season to season, I have storage bins all over the place. With eight kids, this is a huge project and my entire upstairs is a complete tornado. I HATE this job, however, I force myself to do something with the project every time I walk by.

Today, I took my daughter’s winter clothes out of her drawers and put them in neat piles in front of her dresser. The next time I walked past I put all of her winter clothes up high in her closet ready for the fall. The next time I walked past I put the summer shirts in her drawer. The fourth time I walked past I put all of her shorts in her dresser. As long as you are disciplined enough to just do it when you walk past, this is a very effective way of attacking your clutter just a bit at a time.

4. Use a numbered list and random number draw

Break down your clutter project into actual steps or jobs. Then, number your list. From there you can just do a random draw, completing the task that you draw. If you have Siri, for instance, you can even ask her to pick a number for you!

5. Lock yourself in it until it’s done

If time allows, you can always just complete your decluttering project from start to finish. I have even done this with all of the clothing switching before. I will tackle it all in a weekend, and my family has to fend for themselves with everything I normally do. I am simply out of commission until the project is done. While this may not always be feasible, it is really nice to get it all taken care of in one shot!

For most people, clutter is a way of life. Actually, it is unavoidable at times. I find that having a few options of how to attack clutter is very useful, and various methods are necessary at certain times.

The next time you’ve got some clutter to deal with, try one of my 5 methods for attacking clutter.

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