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The #1 Laundry Stain Remover(and it’s free!)

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Laundry stains. If you have been around for any length of time, you are most likely no stranger to laundry stains. If you are a mom, this whole idea is only multiplied. Of course, the worst stains always happen to kids’ best clothes, and they also happen at the most inopportune times, too. If this describes you, stay tuned – I’ve got the most amazing laundry stain removal tip to share!

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Wondering about how to get those pesky stains out of your laundry? As a mom of 8, I can tell you that I have certainly had plenty of practice with this one.

Here’s the secret weapon for laundry stains – and it’s totally free!

laundry stain remover

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I have written about laundry before, which really isn’t surprising since it is such an ongoing part of my life.

You can read a bit more about how we handle laundry in our home by reading about my laundry hacks, and you can also check out 12 tips to conquer laundry stains, too. In fact, that would be a really great one to read…and then come back here to read this one.


Before I get to the #1 tip, I will give you a brief rundown of what should come first. And I should also mention, I haven’t had a problem with these things causing damage to any of our clothing, but if you worry about color fading or other damage, test any products in a small, inconspicuous spot first.

Here’s what you need to know.

Removing laundry stains takes time

Just this month, I have had to remove a super stubborn stain in a shirt covered in motor oil after a fall in an oil patch in the road.

With that particular stain, it was a six-day process, but in the end, the white shirt looked like brand new.

It starts a stain removal product

Before doing anything else, I attack the stain with a combination of some stain removers. This one from OxiClean is my favorite. I also like this one from Clorox or this one works well also.

Just cover the stain(s) with a few of these all at the same time.

Next comes the soaking

Having a simple wash basin like this one is a must. Then, that basin should be filled with a family strong solution of something like this OxiClean. I have also used this one from Tide. Sometimes I start with one product, and then after a couple of days will add a scoop of the other cleaner. Generally, I start with OxiClean.

Be patient

If you’ve been following these steps, you very well could have three days or more into this process already. Just check on it a couple of times a day to see how the progress is coming.

Add more stain remover

If it has been four days and I can still see the stain, I will repeat the first step with the stain remover again. I just add more of the stain removers mentioned in step one.

Lastly, it’s the secret weapon

Here’s the secret weapon you’ve come for. Are you ready for it?

It’s the sun.

Truly, the sun.

The women of the 1800s didn’t have any choice but to hang their laundry outside to dry, but they were on to something when it came to getting stains out.

If your stain is partially gone but still visible, set the clothing outside in the sun. Don’t rinse it or anything. Just put it out there straight from the soaking solution. Put it out there in the early morning on a bright, sunny day and watch the magic happen after it’s been out there for several hours.

This works like a charm every time in my experience.

I have been cloth diapering for seven years, and after hanging my dingy “white” diapers that are covered in stains outside, they look 10 times better just from being in the sun for a day.

I live in Michigan and can go for weeks without having any sunshine during the winter. But when the sun does come out, I just put all my stained laundry in front of the windows so the sun can work its magic, even if it’s during the dead of winter.

It’s true. The sun is the secret weapon for your laundry stains. It couldn’t be any easier!

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