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How to Help Your Husband When He’s Struggling With Life

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*this is a guest post from Sarah Ann of Faith Along the Way

It was the end of a long week when he slumped through the front door; defeated by the weight of the world. The twinkle had vanished from his eyes and his smile seemed forced and weak.

Usually vibrant and joyful, my husband looked worn and weary. Mumbling something about another bad day at the office, he retreated upstairs for a few minutes of solitude.

The problem solver in me immediately went into crisis mode as I wracked my brain for solutions to his lofty problems. Suddenly, I had an epiphany. While I wanted to be the one to dry his tears, erase his hurts and be a soft place for him to land, men process problems way differently than women.

My gut instinct was to help him the way I would want to be helped after a rough day. I would want to talk it through, have a good cry and dive into a bowl of chocolate ice cream, but that’s not the way men handle life when it’s hard.

I simply couldn’t help him the way I would counsel a female friend. I needed to help my struggling husband the way he processes conflict, not the way that I do.

Immediately I realized I’d been counseling him wrong our 13 years of marriage. While he was too kind to mention that my tactics were off base, I felt sad that I’d missed the mark after all of these years.

I began praying for wisdom and that God would lead me to practical ways to help my husband in his time of need. After talking with him and getting his input on how to encourage him, here’s the new ways I’m helping him when life is hard. (And it’s working, too!)


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Give him space to think and process

Men aren’t like women and don’t need to discuss every last detail of their pain and hurt. In fact, they crave space to think, brood and figure out life.

When we, the chatty women, force them to talk about their feelings before they’re ready or want to, it can cause tension and irritation in a relationship. The best thing we can do is to wait until they’ve processed the hurts and are ready to open up.

But be forewarned women, even when they do share their struggles, it may not be to the level we hope.

Don’t force solutions on him

While I may truly have great ways to help solve his struggles, forcing them on him is never a good idea. He may be more apt to listen to my ideas when the moment is calm and not stressful and I gently bring up solutions. When I am forceful and demanding, he may be frustrated and not really listen.

Don’t broach new ideas when he’s busy

Guys, as wonderful as they are, tend to struggle with multi-tasking more than women. When’s he’s distracted and busy doing something else, you may not have his full attention. It’s hard to discuss tough subject when you don’t have his full attention and it may be best to pick a better time to talk.

Encourage him as much as possible

Men like to feel needed and in control. When life is spiraling out of control, it’s hard to process messy feelings and many men end up feeling like failures.

Make your home a safe haven to share the ups and downs of life. Offer an encouraging word and point him to the hope of the Lord, even when all seems bleak.

Sometimes it’s best to practice the art of silence and know when to keep our opinion to ourselves. Silence is not always easy, but sometimes it’s best to just smile and offer a hug instead.

Make him feel like a man

I recently took a poll in my Facebook Group for families, The Strong Family Project, and the #1 way women helped a struggling husband is through sex. Reminding him that he is still a man and king of the castle is a great way to help through tough times and let him know you’re still his biggest cheerleader.

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SFP Facebook Group

Navigating marriage when a man is struggling can be tough, ladies, but it is doable. Find strategies that work for your relationship and continue to pray for him as he wrestles with life. With God’s help, you can weather any storm!

How do you help your hubby when he’s down and needs encouragement?


blog pictureSarah Ann is the writer behind Faith Along the Way, where she encourages faith-filled family, health and home. As a perfectly imperfect wife and special needs mom, she clings to Jesus and a cold glass of Plexus to get through each day with grace and laughter. She enjoys writing, studying God’s Word and spending time with family and friends. When’s she’s not chasing kids or up to her eyeballs in laundry, she loves to escape to her favorite stores to bargain hunt and find the best deals possible. Connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. This is a great read! Actually, I should have my husband read it because we are almost 100% in opposite roles on this topic. It didn’t take us long into our marriage to discover that we were very different than the typical husband and wife. My husband walks thru the door telling me every minute detail to his day while I wait for him to stop talking. Then he gets frustrated when he asks how my day was and I respond, “fine” or “long.” He also wants to be the immediate “fixer” where I would much rather be left alone to brood over my troubles. At times we are now able to make it into a joke but during times of crisis it has been difficult to know how to respond to each other from these opposite roles.

    1. Isn’t that interesting? I can totally see this about the two of you. I think we go back and forth with these a bit. Sometimes he’s this way, sometimes I’m this way. I guess I never really thought about that until you pointed out that you guys are opposite. So smart you are <3

  2. These are really good. I think it’s important to know your husband’s love language and know what he responds to best- because you’re right, it isn’t always the same as what we need. 🙂

    1. My husband and I are opposite in almost every way, including in the love languages that we speak. It’s so important to know his love language so we can give love…and so that we can recognize when he is showing love based on his love language. So good!

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