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8 Awesome Places You Can Find Amazing Used Stuff

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Have you discovered how easy it is to find some pretty amazing stuff when you are buying used stuff? Buying super cute stuff you love in good condition that also happens to be used is a fantastic way to save money. In fact, think of all the new stuff you’ve purchased in the past three months. If you saved 75% on that stuff, how much money would you have saved? This could be hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars in some cases!

The thing is, people can get rid of brand new stuff or barely used stuff for all kinds of reasons. They may have received something as a gift that isn’t their taste, never used something that they thought they would when they bought it, or they could have just changed their mind in some way.

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Buying used is so easy these days, too, since you don’t even have to leave your house to find amazing used bargains.

Some of these places to buy used have been around for a while, but some of them are totally new within the past few years.

If you’re looking to save some money, check out these places you can find some great stuff!

find used things to buy

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Garage sales

Of course, garage sales are one of those things that have been around for years, but they are still an awesome place to find all kinds of treasures. I live finding neighborhood garage sales where there are several houses all having garage sales. When you can find this, you will often do quite well.

Second-hand stores

This is often a situation where someone sells their stuff to the second-hand store outright. Then, the secondhand store turns around and sells the stuff to customers like you and me.

Consignment shops

These are basically the same thing as a secondhand store, but it is important to know that these kinds of stores could be classified as consignment shops as well. Generally, people drop off their items to be sold by the shop for a percentage of the sale price. It’s a great way to buy and sell your unwanted stuff as well!

In fact, selling your stuff first so you have the money to buy stuff that you’re looking for is a pretty sweet way to get some new stuff without having to spend any money at all.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are stores like Goodwill. I have even found a ton of name brand or even brand new stuff at Goodwill. Their inventory changes from day to day, so regular visits are the key if you’re looking for specific brands or items.

I think these days, people are more likely just to drop their stuff off at a thrift store that accepts donations than they are to have a garage sale. For this reason, thrift stores are pretty amazing places for some great bargains.

Your local newspaper bargain corner

Most newspapers have a section that still includes a bargain corner type section at least once a week. This is where you will often find items that are too large to sell in a different way.

Craig’s List

As long as you are buying smart, Craig’s List can be a great place to find great used things. I have found furniture, toys, books, bikes, and more all on Craig’s List. Just be sure that you shop with safety in mind first and foremost.


My love for Ebay never ends. You can find almost anything you might possibly be looking for on Ebay. I buy several homeschool books this way, and I also have been known to buy a Vera Bradley bag or two from Ebay.

Before you buy anything, I suggest always checking eBay first.

Facebook garage sale groups

These are generally easy to find. Just search Facebook for “(put in the name of your city), garage sale group” and see what comes up. If nothing comes up, try a larger city that is nearby. Chances are, you’ll find something!

Buying used is one of the best money saving tips I have. With eight children to clothe, it has been an awesome way to get those items as well. I have been able to buy them a closet full of clothes for the same amount of money that it would have cost me for 10 items if I were buying them new at full retail price.

The next time you need something, find a way to buy it used!

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