How to Create the Home You Want

When describing your home to others, what are the words you would want to choose to describe it? What are the words you would want your husband, your children, or others to use to describe it? What feelings, images, and emotions do you want to be prevalent in the daily atmosphere of your home? I … [Read more...]

How to Declutter Like a Pro

With a busy lifestyle, clutter doesn’t take long to pile up. If you are like me, once they start piling up, it can be so overwhelming just to figure out where to start. Dealing with the clutter has primarily been the focus of my spring cleaning projects lately. Remember the picture of my storage … [Read more...]

Help For Your Mornings With a New 14-Day Course

(Please note, this post does contain affiliate links and if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Please see the full disclosure policy at the bottom of the blog page for more details). Have you seen this amazing new 14-day course from Crystal over at Money Saving Mom? If you … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! I am so glad that yesterday is over. I had been having a tough week, but I had no idea why. Exhausted, feeling nauseous on and off, and just feeling all around just yucky with some abdominal pain. Yesterday, I finally realized what might be going on when I … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Keeping it real. That’s how we do things around here. This is my storage room. Pretty, isn’t it? The good thing about having plenty of storage containers and bags on hand is that there is always one around when needed. The downside of this is that at least five kids have the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Want to take a closet/dresser challenge with me this week? Here's how it works. In order to not be overwhelmed, let's only take on three closets and dressers (if your kids have both, but only focus on three people in your family this week). As you can see, mine are in a very sorry state so three … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project 5/4

Remember how I cleaned my refrigerator over here? If you notice, it was only a month ago. I think it must be Murphy's Law that within two weeks of cleaning my refrigerator, someone spilled a bowl full of egg whites from the top shelf all over the inside of the fridge. I may have cried when I … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

This week I am tacking two spring cleaning projects. They are both smaller, and I am just needing to get things in order since spring is quickly fading so I am doubling up. I have the boys’ room done, so it’s time for the girls. The first area is my youngest daughter’s bedroom. This would include … [Read more...]

Mission Accomplished!

  I accomplished my spring cleaning project, only a few minor (or major) setbacks, which spread it out over two weeks instead of one, but I will consider this a good thing. Do you remember my office before?  I know, yikes right? And what you can't see is that the top of my storage unit … [Read more...]

Reader Question (that means please chime in and help me)

In working through my weekly spring cleaning project, I am really hesitating on washing the blind in my office. I have the thick wood blinds throughout my home, which I would never do again by the way, and they all need to be cleaned. Again. At times I give them a quick once over, but this is the … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Since I’m just keeping things real around here, I am sharing pictures of my lovely cleaning project this week.  My office.  Such a disgrace, I know.  How can I even work in it, you may ask?  Well, I can’t.  Not like this, which is why this has come to the forefront. My office is such a … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Even though the weather hasn’t figured out that it is spring, spring cleaning is in full swing.  As you read last week I tackled my fridge, so this week I am finishing up in the kitchen and adding a couple of other things. Today, I will be cleaning my oven using the same trick for the oven racks … [Read more...]

Five Simple Strategies for Hiding Clutter

  Having people over this weekend and no time to clean? Check out these simple tips that can make it look like you did!   If I were to name the number one thing that makes me crazy, it is clutter.  It makes my rooms seem smaller, it takes up space on counters, and quite frankly, … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Spring

And because there is a season for everything under heaven, I'm decorating for spring this weekend, are you? … [Read more...]