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The Super Simple Trick to Eliminating Clutter FAST!

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Anyone will be able to tell you that clutter piles up – fast! If you don’t stay on top of it, it can multiply to epic proportions, can’t it? Whether you live with just yourself or with nine other people like I do, clutter can certainly become a problem. There are some important questions you can ask, however, and how you answer them can determine what you keep and what you get rid of.

When you get ready to attack your clutter, these are the questions you will want to ask yourself as you go. These may be difficult questions to answer at times, but they will be so worth it. When you ask these questions, you’ll be able to get through your clutter fast!

Before you read these tips, be sure to join in my 10 day declutter challenge below. By the end of the 10 day challenge, you’ll have worked through 10 of the most common clutter hotspots in your home!

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Use this trick and ask yourself these questions while decluttering to get rid of more clutter!

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Does this help me or cause me stress?

So many things we have might actually be hurting us more than helping us. Things can stress you out because they take up too much room, things can stress you out because they aren’t needed or being used, and things can cause you stress because you know you don’t need them, but you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of them.

It’s important to get rid of the things that cause you stress so that you have more room for the things that actually help you. You will feel so much better when you let go of those things that stress you out.

When was the last time I used it?

If you’re anything like me, you keep so many things with the excuse “well I might use this someday,” but this is not a good reason to keep anything. I am as frugal as frugal can be, but there is a time and place for just getting rid of things even if you’re “wasting money” in doing so.

If you don’t have a use for it now, get rid of it. I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t miss it.

Is there something else that can serve this purpose better or instead?

If you have something that serves a purpose but not as well as it could, chances are there’s something else out there that would serve the purpose better.

For instance, do you need two different sizes of curling irons? Do you need five shades of the same nail polish? Do you need both a crock pot and an instant pot?

You might ask this question and find that you do want to keep all of these items, But, you might also ask this question and rid yourself of a lot of clutter in the process.

Is it still in good working condition?

It doesn’t matter how old it is, whether it’s two months or two decades, if it’s no longer in good working condition, get rid of it and replace it if necessary.

There are times when something can be repaired, and I am all for trying this first. But if it truly can’t be fixed, there is no reason to keep it.

Then, be sure you need a new one before you just go out and replace it. Maybe since it’s not been working, you have managed just fine without it. Therefore, you shouldn’t replace it at all in that case.

Do I have a good place to keep this and room to store it?

If it doesn’t have a place, and there’s nowhere for it to go no matter what, then it has to go. You can’t keep things if you don’t have a place to put it.

This seems a bit obvious, but I think we are all guilty of keeping things just for the sake of keeping them even if we don’t have a good place to keep them.

When it comes to decluttering, make sure you’re not doing this.

Could someone else use it?

Often times, the answer is yes. Blessing someone else with something you own can be a great way of getting the clutter out of your house without feeling bad about it. Because you know you’re helping someone else, you can feel good about getting rid of it.

Does someone else need it more than me?

This can make it or break it for some things. If you are using something, but you know of someone who might need it more than you do, maybe it’s time to part with it.

This is a true example of being generous. It feels so good to help someone else.

Asking yourself these seven questions while you are decluttering can help you determine whether or not to part with some items you have around your house. Sometimes it’s the knowing what to keep and what to get rid of that can keep us from ever starting the decluttering process.

The time you invest in asking these questions will be so worthwhile in your decluttering process.

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  1. These are some great tips! We’re actually getting ready to move in less than a month, so I’ll definitely consider these when going through deciding what to keep, etc. We are fairly minimal as it is (compared to whatever “average” is) but I have a hard time letting go of things that I COULD use. I’ll definitely try to think “could someone use this more than me” next time!!

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