From Mess to Company Ready in 1 Hour: The Cleaning Checklist You Need

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Are you having people over this weekend and have little time to clean? No need to worry. If you have an hour, you can make it look like your home is ready for a magazine spread, well almost at least.

I find that having a plan, a checklist to follow so greatly helps keep me on task. It is as though I can put my brain on autopilot and just do what the list says.

We’ve all had those announcements when a family member or friend is in the area and they are on their way over. Don’t panic, just get to work.

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Here is the list you can follow to go from mess to company clean in an hour!

hour cleaning checklist

General areas:

  • first, if you need to hide clutter that has overtaken your home, at least if you have a houseful of people like I do. This is a great way to do that. So, first on the list will be picking up clutter from all over the house. Don’t worry about putting it away now, that can come after your company has left. For now, find someplace out of sight to put everything that is littering the floor, furniture, and countertops.
  • open all curtains and blinds to make it feel fresh, open, and clean.
  • if you have a glass entry door, clean it
  • sweep off front porch


  • make all beds
  • close closets
  • make sure drawers are all closed.
  • if you have dark furniture that shows dust, do a one minute dusting of what is visible
  • vacuum
  • close all doors


  • wipe down counters
  • scrub out sinks
  • clean mirrors
  • straighten towels
  • wipe off toilet seat
  • quick mop floor


  • wipe down cupboards
  • do all dirty dishes and put all clean ones away
  • wipe down appliances
  • clean sink
  • wipe off counters
  • straighten towels
  • quick mop floor

Living room/living areas:

  • straighten pillows, blankets
  • fluff couch cushions
  • quick dust anything that shows dust
  • vacuum/quick mop

After you have completed the above list, light a scented candle, put on some peaceful music in the background, maybe pick some fresh flowers, and sit back and admire your hard (and fast) work.

When company is coming, don’t panic. You only need an hour to make it look like you’ve been cleaning all week.


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  1. Great checklist! It’s nice to have a plan when you’re surprised with the news that company is on the way. Otherwise I think I would be a little frantic. I really like that you also included a few simple steps to not only make the house clean, but warm and welcoming for visitors. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome. I find it so helpful to have something to go to in those first few moments of panic!

  2. Great list! I find that setting a timer helps a little too. Sometimes my “quick mop” can become a “slow mop” because I get caught up in wanting to get things cleaned perfectly. My timer helps me to stick to the main things. 🙂

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