Mission Accomplished!

  I accomplished my spring cleaning project, only a few minor (or major) setbacks, which spread it out over two weeks instead of one, but I will consider this a good thing. Do you remember my office before?  I know, yikes right? And what you can't see is that the top of my storage unit … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Since I’m just keeping things real around here, I am sharing pictures of my lovely cleaning project this week.  My office.  Such a disgrace, I know.  How can I even work in it, you may ask?  Well, I can’t.  Not like this, which is why this has come to the forefront. My office is such a … [Read more...]

Five Simple Strategies for Hiding Clutter

  Having people over this weekend and no time to clean? Check out these simple tips that can make it look like you did!   If I were to name the number one thing that makes me crazy, it is clutter.  It makes my rooms seem smaller, it takes up space on counters, and quite frankly, … [Read more...]