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The Painfully Simple Secret to a Successful Week

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You. Me. Everyone I know. Everyone you know. We all have 168 hours in a week. That’s it. No more, no less. Isn’t it interesting, however, that some seem to have more time somehow? You probably know people who seem to get so much done in their week while you accomplish next to nothing. If you didn’t know better, you could swear that these people have more hours than you do. But, they don’t. So, what’s the secret? What is the secret to structuring your week?

As my family has grown to the point of having eight children, I have had to master being productive, efficient, and effective with my time. It is so easy to get pulled in a thousand directions by the nine other people I live with. So, I have had to unlock the formula to structuring my week. And, I finally uncovered it.

Even better?

It’s pretty simple.

Here is the painfully simple secret to being successful this week.

successful week

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Step one:

Start with the end

Ask yourself this question. “What one thing, if accomplished, would mean that I was successful this week?” Let’s say it is to lose three pounds. If you were to get nothing else done this week, if you lost three pounds you would feel as though your week was successful.

Step one is done. See? Easy.

change life

Step two:

Focus on ROI

Next, what are the two things (and only two things) that will bring you the biggest return on investment in accomplishing your one thing from step one?

In keeping with our losing three pounds illustration, let’s say you determine that your two biggest steps for ROI are drinking 100 ounces of water every day and exercising for 30 minutes every day this week.

Step two is done. Still easy.

Step three:

Create strategies

Finally, choose two strategies that will force you to accomplish your two things for the two ROI activities from step two above.

In our example, let’s say you decide on keeping a fun/colorful water bottle right out in the open to remind you to drink your water and tracking your water intake in a log.


You decide to get up 20 minutes earlier each morning and devoting that time to exercising. You decide that you will use that time for a brisk 20 minute walk four of those days and doing a 20 minute yoga video on Youtube the other three days.

Step three is now done.

Let’s review.

In our example, you decided that:

  • you would be successful if you lose three pounds this week you will accomplish this by proper hydration and
  • then you will accomplish this by proper hydration and getting regular exercise
  • and you will accomplish those two things by having a water bottle you love clearly visible and tracking your water intake in a log AND
  • getting up 20 minutes early to devote that 20 minutes to both walking and yoga.

Having a successful week isn’t rocket science. Actually, most of us tend to overcomplicate things, which makes the things we try to do way too complicated. Therefore, we don’t accomplish the things we really want.

Follow these three simple steps to create the successful week you’ve been looking for.

Creating a successful week is just one of the things I’ve come to master over the years. I’ve also learned to tackle housecleaning, clutter, setting goals, and even daily planning. These are all important ingredients in feeling less overwhelmed both in the midst of the day and as I reflect back at the end of the day.

You know how you so often find yourself looking back on your day and feeling like you got nothing done?

Yep, me too.

With a family of 10 to keep running as smoothly as possible, I simply had to get intentional in the things I do each day.

I’m sharing all my secrets, like creating a successful week, all in one place, right here. When I started doing the things I share in this resource, my life finally became my own.

I no longer felt like I was just along for the ride in terms of my daily life.

These days, I actually do less, but I accomplish more because the things I do have purpose. This also means that I have more time for doing the things I want to do.

I created the perfect resource that lays all of this and so much more out for you.

You can check it out HERE.


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