Fitness Friday, September 18

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fitness friday


Walking is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and even to lose weight at times, and it doesn’t require more than a pair of shoes.  If you live in the North like I do, this can become more of a challenge in the winter months, but if for reasons that are weather related or just out of a preference, these tips can also be used on a treadmill.  This workout is an easier one that is designed for the beginner.  Of course if you have any medical concerns this should be avoided, and if at any point you feel dizzy or completely unable to catch your breath you should stop and seek the advice of your doctor.

The really great thing about walking is that it doesn’t take long before you can see improvements.  Rather quickly you will be able to see that you will be walking for longer distances, at quicker paces, and with less difficulty when encountering.

As with all fitness postings you will find here, when a scale is given in relation to how hard you should be working it will consist of numbers 1 thru 10 with 1 being no strain at all, 5 being a bit difficult to speak, and a 10 being the most effort you could possibly imagine.

Ideally, you will do this workout 4 days a week, and after 2 weeks of this workout you will need to modify it according to speed and/or distance.  Your body is amazing at learning what you are doing, and it doesn’t take long before what used to challenge you no longer will.  This workout will take 30 minutes.  If you would like a more challenging workout, go here.  If you are looking for a difficult running workout, go here.

  • 5 minutes basic warm-up, level 3
  • spend 10 minutes walking at a much faster pace, almost to the point of feeling as though you need to switch to a jog.  This would be considered a brisk walk and challenge you at about a level 7 when talking should be getting difficult
  • take it down a notch or two to a level of 5 for 3 minutes
  • increase again to where you are at a level 8 this time by pumping your arms in addition to walking as fast as you can – just to the point of feeling like you need to run.  Do this for 10 minutes
  • spend 2 minutes doing a basic cool down, bringing your intensity down from the 8 to a 3

If you complete this workout for 2 weeks, you should modify it by increasing each of the intensity levels up one notch or by adding a couple of minutes onto each speed interval.

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