Fitness Friday, July 17

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Fitness Friday
4 days, 30 minutes each day


This week we are going to incorporate some interval training for the more intermediate person.  This will be walking, but the same principles could be used, just done at a faster pace to adapt to a running pace.  This is also designed to be done on a treadmill.  For a beginner workout, go here. Of course if you have any medical concerns this should be avoided, and if at any point you feel dizzy or completely unable to catch your breath you should stop and seek the advice of your doctor.

Begin with a moderately paced 5 minute walk.

  • At the end of that 5 minutes, bump the incline up to 3 percent.  Spend 3 minutes walking at that pace, ideally around a 15 minute mile pace
  • After 3 minutes, increase the incline to 6 percent, not changing anything on your pace level.  Spend 3 minutes there.  By this time you should be working at about a level of 4, starting to breath heavy but not out of breath
  • After 3 minutes, increase the incline to 9 percent, if you need to decrease your pace just a bit you can, but ideally you will be maintaining your speed at this point yet.  Spend 4 minutes there
  • After 4 minutes, increase the incline one final time, to 10 percent.  This is designed to challenge you.  Determine a pace that will do that, but also that you will be able to maintain for 10 minutes at this incline.  You will be working at a level 8
  • After 10 minutes at 10 percent, decrease the incline to 3 percent while not adjusting your speed.  Spend 3 minutes there.  By this time you should be winded, level 7-8
  • After 3 minutes, decrease the incline completely, and reduce your pace to a cool down level for 2 minutes

You will be amazed at the strength and endurance you will build if you do this for 4 days in a week.  You may find that you like to take a day off following each workout day, but scheduling may dictate your workouts.

Next week, we will address the runners.  For those of you who walk, be sure to keep with your workouts, just repeat a walking workout that has already been given.  Runners can often benefit from rotating between running workouts and various other cardio options such as a challenging walking workout.

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