Things You’re Forgetting To Clean

Cleaning is one of those things that we often get into a routine with. Then, we rarely venture outside of that routine. We clean the things that are in our common areas. There are also the things that are obviously dirty, and these make them easy to clean. But, there are some things that aren’t so easy to think of when it comes to cleaning. However, forgetting to clean them means these things can be really gross. 

While I know it’s not always so nice to think about the fact that we’ve forgotten to clean these things thus far, don’t dwell on that part. Just move forward by cleaning them now and then adding them in as part of your regular cleaning regiment.

Looking for some quick cleaning ideas? Grab 30 things you can clean in 30 minutes or less below!

Spring is the perfect time to focus on getting things cleaned inside so that when the weather finally turns nice you can get out there and enjoy it!

So, are you forgetting to clean these things?

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Hand rails

It’s so easy to forget about these, but with everyone touching all over them all the time, they get dirty fast. The easiest way to clean these is using a cleaning wipe or wet rag and wiping them down.

Cupboard handles

These get grimy quick in my home. People touching all over them while cooking food or cleaning up makes them super gritty. Cleaning them is very similar to cleaning hand rails. Just grab a wet rag or wipe and wipe them down.


If you have rooms with doors in your home, doorknobs are also a great place for germs and who knows what else to get caked on. This is a job that also becomes super easy just using a cleaning wipe. This is one of those things that we make part of our weekly cleaning routine. That way, it gets done super quick. 

Light switches

In keeping with our germs theme, light switches are another place that needs to be addressed. Light switches easily get grimy because people who often have dirty hands on the way to washing them reach for a light switch in the bathroom or kitchen. Whether you use a wipe or just a regular rag with come cleaner, light switches should be cleaned regularly.

By the way, did you know that I make my own cleaner? You can find the recipe for my green anti-bacterial multi-purpose cleaner with essential oils HERE.

The remote control

You may have already heard of this one, but either way, it is something that should be cleaned often. I find a rag with some multipurpose cleaner sprayed onto it to do a great job with this cleaning project. Make sure to get to all the buttons, too. 

Appliance handles

These get food stuck on them quickly, it seems. When sickness invades, this is one of the first places I go to start sanitizing Food and germs just go hand in hand. Grab some multipurpose cleaner and scrub them.

Cold air returns

I find it is easiest to clean these in bulk. To do this, take them all off by simply unscrewing them. Then, put them in the bathtub that has been filled with warm, soapy water. Let them soak for 10 minutes or so. Next, give them a quick once-over with a scrub brush. Let the water drain, rinse off the soap residue, and set on a towel to let dry.

Window tracks

These are so often neglected because you don’t know the best way to clean them –  but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. They collect dirt and all kinds of residue quickly, and they can make the cleanest of windows look dirty. I wrote a post about cleaning window tracks HERE, and there’s a pretty cool trick that makes it SUPER easy.

Slider tracks

These also need to be cleaned just like your window tracks do. It really takes little to no effort, it is just a matter of having the right tools and knowing a few simple steps. Read about cleaning slider tracks HERE. Pssst…there’s no scrubbing involved!

Dryer lint trap

These can be hard, but with the right method, they don’t have to be. And, did you know that a dirty dryer lint trap is also a fire hazard? Read how I do it HERE.

Cleaning is something every home keeper has to do, but forgetting to clean areas of the home can affect your family’s health. Don’t forget to make cleaning these things part of your regular routine.

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