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Have a Green Kitchen With Little to No Extra Effort

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The kitchen is a great place to start when focusing on being more friendly to the environment because it is an area of our homes that generates lots of waste. With so many foods, dishes, and products of all kinds coming and going, the kitchen is an important place to focus on making smart decisions. You really can do small things to have a green kitchen, and they take little to no extra effort.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having some simple ideas of what to do so you can make the most of every little pocket of time.

Did you know that I have a list of 30 cleaning projects you can take on in 30 minutes or less? Grab them below and get started!

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When it comes to having a green kitchen, it’s probably much easier than you think!

Check out some simple things you can do to have a green kitchen.

green kitchen hacks

Ditch the paper towels

There is nothing you can do with paper towel that you can’t also do with a rag or cloth. Not only are paper towels an expense, they are also unnecessary waste that can easily be eliminated.

Use cloth napkins

I’m all for kids being polite while eating. This includes wiping their mouth and hands, but this is something that doesn’t have to be done using paper napkins. Instead, get some really festive cloth napkins. There is something so special about using cloth napkins, too. Cloth napkins have a way of making the most ordinary dinner extraordinary.

Use an assigned cup or water bottle

The amount of waste that a family like mine could create using paper cups or even using a different cup that needs to be washed after every drink would be astronomical. Instead, we have a nice cup or water bottle that everyone uses all day. Simply rinse between uses.

Avoid using disposable k-cups or pods

Not only is using a reusable coffee pod or k-cup dispenser more frugal, it also greatly limits the amount of waste your family puts out.

Clean using natural ingredients

There are so many things that can be cleaned effectively using things like baking soda, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. Before you head out to buy things like stove cleaner, try some natural options using things you already have on hand.

Check out how I use baking soda to clean my window tracks HERE.

Essential oils are also an amazing way to clean your home and help your family stay healthy. There are so many places to read more about essential oils.

Use your scraps

Rather than throwing out things like potato or carrot peelings, onion peelings, fruit stems and other vegetable waste, put it all in a ziplock bag in your freezer, adding to it as you get more. Then, use it to make your own vegetable stock. Doing this makes use of your waste and also helps you save money.

Make your own whenever possible

When you cook and bake from scratch, you leave less waste behind. Without all the packaging, there is very little waste when you only have the baking dish or the pots and pans left behind. This is also one of the best money-saving tips I have!

Buy in bulk

Not only is buying in bulk often the most frugal option, it is also the option that leaves less waste behind.


Reuse whatever packaging you can. Boxes covered in scrapbook paper can make great drawer dividers, for instance. Cans can have the labels removed, be painted, and make the cutest vases or supply holders for things like pens, markers, paintbrushes, scissors, and more. Before you throw away or recycle something, check out Pinterest for ways to use that item in a more creative way. Chances are you’ll find something you love!

Looking to have a more green kitchen? Little changes like these take little to no extra effort but can make a huge difference in the environment.

What green kitchen tips would you add? Share in the comments!

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