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Nurturing a Heart for Learning in Your Child

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how to nurture a heart for learning in your childStorytelling is important when we are the ones telling the story, but it is also important when our kids are the ones telling the complete story. Much like the other learning skills we have talked about this month, storytelling is a learned skill as well.

Teaching our kids to create stories will require less guidance from us as they do it more. Here are some basic ways that you can engage with your child to coach them in telling a story.

  • Create characters, the fewer the better with younger and more inexperienced storytellers.
  • Establish a simple setting such as at your home or at the park.
  • Then, let the storytelling begin. Your child tells the story. As they go, you can prompt them by asking questions such as:

what happened next?

why did he do that?

  • Another way to start is to look at a picture that your child will then use as a starting point for telling their story. Ask them things such as:

what happened just before the scene in the picture?

what happened just after the scene in the picture?

who are the characters in the picture:

how do they feel in the picture?

  • Extend the storytelling experience by having them illustrate the story they tell. Be sure to write it down. These stories are soooooo much fun to go back and read later. My older kids love reading their stories from when they were so little. They just laugh and laugh.

Kids will be writing stories all throughout their school experience. You can give them a head start by teaching them early now.

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