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How to Nurture a Heart For Learning in Your Child – Listening Skills

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how to nurture a heart for learning in your childIt is so important that our kids learn to listen to us for safety reasons. Whether you are giving your child directions to stay near you in a store or at an event, giving them some choices in what they may choose for lunch, or instructing them in performing a task, the last think you want is your child listening to only part of what you say.

Children can learn to become good listeners, and, you can have a little fun along the way. They may not even realize that this game is accomplishing anything and just think you are playing around with them.

How it works:

  • First, collect some common household items, and then gather a few not so common items like an electric toothbrush or power tool, for example.
  • Have your child sit with their back to you or perhaps behind a chair. The goal is for them to be out of view from you.
  • Use the items in their intended way and see how long it takes your child to identify what the item is.
  • Then, switch roles. Sometimes our kids can really stump us!

Playing this simple listening game build listening skills, critical thinking skills, and reasoning skills as they rule some things out and come to a confusion by process of elimination. Children who listen well are such a blessing to us as parents, to those around them, and to them as they go through life.

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