15+ Genius & Cheap Family Activities For an Amazing Fall

Fall is such a nice time of year in these parts…as long as it’s not snowing anyway. Michigan does have some crazy weather during these fall months at times, but no matter the weather we try to make it a habit to have some fun while also celebrating the season. Getting out there  for some fall activities with your kids whether they are toddlers, teens, or somewhere in between makes the fall so much more fun!

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If you live in the North like we do, fall is the last opportunity we have as a family to head outside without all of the hassle of getting on all the winter gear. Even though we’re in the North, we can have some super hot summers, which means fall can bring some amazing opportunities to head outside every single day. The bugs and bees are less prevalent, and the cool, crisp evening air can provide the perfect backdrop for star gazing or just an evening around a campfire.

Some of our favorite days to head to the beach are even in the fall since we have the entire beach to ourselves most times. Often, the water is the warmest in early to mid-September.

Even if you’re not in Michigan, many of these family activities are fun for kids no matter where you live!

These fun fall activities are designed to be things that kids (and adults) of all ages can enjoy. Most of them cost nothing, a few might have minimal costs associated with them. But they are all very affordable, even for a super-sized bunch like us.

Here are our fall activities perfect for kids of all ages:


  • Sit around a campfire
  • Collect some leaves
  • Drink some apple cider
  • Visit an apple orchard (Michigan, where I live, is apple country)
  • Visit a farm
  • Star gaze
  • Do some leaf art with leaves, wax paper, and crayons
  • Start a new read along before bed
  • Have a lunchtime picnic in the fall air
  • Go for a hayride
  • Watch the sunset
  • Pick some fall wildflowers, the rich colors are beautiful!
  • Rake some leaves
  • Then jump in the pile of leaves
  • Watch some football, even better, go watch a football game in person!
  • Go for a walk, collecting things along the way

Fall can be such a nice time of year. It is a great time to have some family fun and make some memories that your kids will never forget.

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