Frugal Tip: SnipSnap Coupon App

amazing coupon app alertI just stumbled upon the coolest thing. Maybe you already knew about it, but I did not. It’s called the Snip Snap App, and it is free for both Android and iPhone.

How it works: It allows you take a picture of your paper coupons and save them to your phone. Then, you only need to show the cashier at a retailer or even a restaurant your picture because the app will convert it to a scannable coupon. How awesome is that? It is similar to other coupon apps, too, in that it gives you coupons to “clip,” but to my knowledge it is the only app that will turn coupons into scannable images to use. If you are like me and have ever forgot a coupon at home, this takes out that frustration since all you need is your phone.

Even more slick is the fact that if you walk into a store that offers a discount that you have stored at some point, the app will sound an alert so you won’t miss out on a deal. I know, cool, right?! This is a couponer’s dream!

Do you have experience with this app?

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