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How You Can Score BIG at the Drugstores

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how you can save at the drugstoresI had an awesome day saving money at the drugstores on Sunday. I wrote about things in a general fashion in Frugal Drugstore Treasures, but I wanted to give you an example of exactly what this can mean.

If you can make the time to walk the aisles in stores like Walgreens and CVS, you can often find great deals that you can take full advantage of. There is usually a clearance section at these stores, but even within the aisles you can often find things that are on clearance for whatever reason.

Every Sunday I always walk the toy aisle looking for clearance, and today I came home with a couple of things. In my post on building up a gift stash in Stress Free Gift Shopping, I spoke of how I am always keeping my eyes open for deals so my gift items are regularly coming and going with a large family. It takes time to look for great deals, but since you are often getting things for pennies on the dollar, it will be well worth your time.

Yesterday, I scored a Nerf gun for my son for $2.39 at Walgreens. I also found a super thick Spiderman mask for right around $3.00. I had been watching this mask because it had been on clearance for awhile, but it didn’t come into my price range until it was discounted 75%. So I came home and put both the gun and the mask in my gift stash. They also had Crayola washable markers that were buy one get one 50% off. These ended up being $3.50 a pack (I think there is 20 markers in each pack), which is a really good price. We are always going through markers with so many kids.save at the drugstores

While at Walgreens I also found cake mix and frosting that were on clearance. They weren’t priced low enough to be within my price range since I will only pay $1.00 for these convenience items, but I wrote down what they were and the clearance price so I can look for coupons that would bring it down within my price range, if any exist.

Next, I headed to CVS where I found these amazing shirts for only $1.00 each. They were on an end cap – it pays to walk the aisles to look at end caps. I have two long sleeved, two women’s cut shirts, and four regular short sleeved shirts for my oldest son. Most are either Fruit of the Loom or Hanes, so they are good, thick shirts. These are shirts that I don’t feel bad about them rolling around in the the dirt in since they only cost $1.00 each! I also picked up this deodorant for about $.30 each.save at the drugstores

If you factor in that I belong to the loyalty programs that both Walgreens and CVS have for their customers, I paid even less than the prices I told you about since I am always earning store credit (I look at this as cash) back.

You will want to watch these clearance items as they are ringing up because I find that the drugstores are not always so great at making sure that their clearance items ring up at the clearance price. Whether you are watching as the items are scanning or checking your receipt before you leave the store, you will want to pay attention to the prices so that you are not paying more than you think you are.

This was not the first time I have scored amazing deals at the drugstores simply by finding items on clearance, and you can score these great savings at the drugstores, too. As long as you are buying things you will for sure use, these savings will really add up over time, and you can build up a nice gift stash as well.

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