Keeping Your Sanity & Kids Busy When Home From School [From a Homeschool Mom of 9]

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If you suddenly find yourself with kids at home since schools have been cancelled, there is no need to panic. Let’s just come up with a plan. As a homeschool mom of 9 with my oldest being 19, I figure I’ve had at least one kid home with me every day for the past 19 years and one week. That’s a LOT of days with kids at home. So, I’ve definitely got some experience in how to get through the day while maintaining your sanity – BUT it really is possible to also enjoy your day! It really is possible to come up with some ways to keep kids busy while home from school.

Before you go any further, be sure to grab the necessary tool mentioned in today’s video. It’s called your Daily Game Plan & it’s just for moms with kids at home. Best of all – it’s free! Just tell us where to send it!



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With kids who have been at home during the summer or on breaks, it’s important to note that you’ve already got experience with this, too. It really is going to be ok, and you really can survive and thrive during this time.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how to keep your sanity & kids busy!

staying sane with kids home from school


Today I’m going to share step 1 in what is going to help when your kids are at home. It will be your saving grace – it’s a daily schedule.

Then, I will share something that will make the days more fun and stop them from running all together for both you & the kids

Finally, I’ll give you a simple and basic daily schedule example.

Looking for more information on keeping your sanity with kids home from school? No worries! I put this all in video form. Watch the video below if you prefer!


When making a daily schedule with kids at home

Here’s an important disclaimer – you don’t create a schedule so that everything can go according to plan. In all honesty, we all know that’s not going to happen.

In reality, we create a schedule so we have a greater likelihood of all the wheels not falling off the bus. A schedule gives you a foundation and the best case scenario of how the day will go. That way, don’t end up with a worst case scenario day.

Simply put:

Without a schedule, you’re pretty likely to get to the end of the day & feel like you had a worst case scenario day.

staying sane with kids home from school

Another important thing about creating a daily family schedule

Schools have schedules, the same schedule every day for a reason.

They work.

So, we just apply that to home life too.

Theme days to keep kids busy at home

This gives you just one activity to focus on. It also gives the kids something to focus on so all the days don’t run together.

It’s fun, it takes the stress out of trying to come up with something creative for your kids, and it’s pretty easy to do.

You can find a suggested theme days in our Summer Free Rescue Pack HERE

Now, let’s move on to the daily schedule

Simple schedule for moms with kids at home

Use the schedule in your Daily Game Plan, it’s designed just for this purpose.

keeping your sanity with kids

Here are two core principles for your daily schedule

  • Less is more
  • Simple is better.

So in light of this, there are only 4 main things to put in your daily schedule.

Remember, basics make it doable.

Here are the four main things to put in your daily schedule

  • Wake times & bed times
  • Meal times
  • Clean up times – 2-3 a day (we call this a 10 minute tidy)
  • Outdoor times – recess or outdoor break (whatever your kids are used to hearing at school)

Schedule these four main things at the same time every day. And although we know your day won’t go exactly as planned, you will feel much more in control of your day with a simple plan.

Don’t forget to watch the video that explains in greater detail HERE

And, don’t forget to download your schedule & watch the video with my 5 best tips HERE

Keeping kids busy while home from school really is possible – and so is your sanity!

You got this!

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