March 2017 Blogging Income Report $5,434.62

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March was an exciting month for me because I reached a blogging milestone I had set in January…reach the $5,000 a month in income mark. Well, it happened this month! And, I went over it by a bit as well. Sweet!

Keep reading, and you’ll find my blogging income report for March as well as the things that make that income possible.

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A huge win was completing all of my daily work plans with an 85% success rate, which is another one of my goals.

As far as my monthly income goes, none of this would have been possible had I not taken Elite Blog Academy. When I started out, I had no idea that people really could earn a living as a blogger, but I wasn’t very far into Elite Blog Academy before I started to see how it was all possible. It is because of EBA that I took my income from $0 a month to more than $5,000 a month. Because you can only join EBA once a year, you better get on the waiting list if you might even want to think about it. You can do that HERE.



Why do I share my income report?

I went back and forth on this for months. I have a list of bloggers and potential bloggers who I send a series of tips and information to via email (you can join that list HERE), and they have been asking me for this for quite some time.

While it kind of makes me uncomfortable, I know that it is only because other bloggers shared their income reports that I even knew making money while blogging was possible. It was their income reports that inspired me to start. In the beginning, my goal was to earn $1,000 a month so we could take a vacation once a year. Seeing others who were doing this encouraged me and helped me see that it really is possible…especially since my family and friends thought I was nuts!

Because I have people asking me to share, and because I would love to inspire others to take the leap as those people did for me, I am sharing my blogging income reports. So, below you will find my March blogging income report as well as the things that help make it possible.

One of the best things about being a blogger is how bloggers are largely more than willing to help other bloggers in any way possible. And, it is for this reason that bloggers share their income reports – it’s to show people like you (and me) what’s possible. I don’t know about you, but knowing where I can go is great motivation for me to just put in the work and get it done!

But who am I?

I am a busy, homeschooling mom of 8 who has been writing professionally for more than eight years. I have lived a unique life because we have a large family. For this reason, I became really good at things like budgeting, home management, time management, organization, and things like this.

As a blogger, I am not good with technology or even computers for that matter. I’m not really anyone special. But I love helping others with what I’ve learned, even the really hard things I’ve learned in life. And, as I do that through this blog, I’m able to support my family, too, which is pretty amazing. In fact, I was supporting my family through my writing after I had been blogging about a year.

Like I said, it’s been pretty amazing.

Do you feel passionate about inspiring, encouraging, and teaching others? Maybe blogging is a good fit for you. Taking advantage of the freebies that Ruth Soukup, the founder of EBA offers is a great way to get your feet wet and try it out without spending any money at all. Grab your freebie HERE.

My March 2017 stats and income:

Page Views: 331, 383

Monthly Writing Income: $5, 434.62

Income Breakdown (approximate):

Additional/contract writing $640

Ad networks: $3,421

Sponsored/brand work: 745

Affiliates: $424

My products sales: $195

My expenses were a bit higher this month because I purchased some blogging courses and other learning resources. For this reason, my blog expenses were about $1,200 in March. Ad network income was up this month, which is always a nice treat after a couple of slower months.

Here are the things that make blogging possible for me:


You truly can’t expect to go anywhere if you’re not willing to invest in education. I spend about $5,000 a year in education, but I also more than earn that back in applying what I learn.

Elite Blog Academy. You’ve heard me talk about EBA. This is a game changer. Period. Go HERE to check it out.

Working With Brands. A course from Jenny Melrose, this course taught me and gave me the confidence I needed to reach out to the brands I actually want to work with. Go HERE to check it out.

Inspired Bloggers University. I am a lifetime member of IBU, and it is worth its weight in gold. As a lifetime member, I have unlimited access to countless classes both now and in the future. Created by Tabitha Philen, IBU is also an invaluable piece in my blogging journey. Go HERE to check it out.


IMark Interactive. This is Grayson, the amazing guy who handles all my tech stuff. This is the FIRST thing I invested in every month, and it is the last thing I would ever give up. Don’t like tech stuff? This will be the best investment you make in your blog every month. It is in mine. Go HERE to check it out.

Tailwind. I use Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest pins. I couldn’t live without it. Go HERE to check it out.

Convert Kit. This is the mail service I use. It’s pure awesomeness. If you are wanting to take your mail service to the next level, CK is amazing! Go HERE to check it out.

Send Owl. This is where most of my products are stored and purchased. Go HERE to check it out.

Teachable. This is where my e-course is hosted. I don’t have to mess with my own site for my courses. They handle everything. User-friendly, affiliate options, and amazing customer service, it’s awesome! Go HERE to check them out.

The sky really is the limit. And, I get paid to do something I LOVE! You can, too!


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  1. I love reading blog income reports. It makes blogging feel like a actual income path.
    I am new to blogging and you have always inspired me in so many ways of my life.

    1. Hi Brittany! I am so glad to hear this. I struggled with whether to publish mine after being asked to a lot. I didn’t really want to. But in the end, I remembered that it was because I saw the income reports of others that I was willing to push forward during those hard days in the beginning. So, if I can do that for someone else in publishing mine, I’m all in 😉
      Good luck! Make sure you’re on my blogging email list. If you’re not, email me and I can add you in. [email protected]

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